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Welcome to the website of the UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS, an organisation committed to "enabling the diverse voices of people living with HIV and AIDS to be heard with a view to influencing change" Our Lives, Our Voices, Our Services, Our Health ...

HIV Question and Answer

HIV test???????
HIV symptoms or nothing to worry about?
Chance of HIV infection?
What are the latest advancements in HIV/AIDS treatment?
About hiv transmission?
Need help & advice to build a HIV virus 3D model!?
Is it possible for parents who are HIV POSITIVE to give birth to a child who is negative?
Give some interesting HIV prevention slogans for t-shirts to raise awareness of transport workers?
Inject HIV into your child as a Mandatory Vaccine?
I need the most recent and accurate percentages of those who have been diagnosed, died from or living with HIV
Has anyone figured out how to reliably and safely get anti-hiv medication without a prescription?
What is the real period for HIV window period. one year or two?
HIV Related Rash ?
My husband is worried about Getting HIV from drug can you catch HIV?
Do you think people listen to the HIV and Aids information provided out there?

AIDS Question and Answer

AIDS TEST if u was Silda Spitzer?
Should women be circumcised for AIDS prevention?
Did the AIDS virus really come to America from Haiti?
Treatments and vaccine against aids?
Is the disease known as Cellulitis a symptom of Aids?
Why there is no effective treatment for AIDS?
IS there any price money for finding HIV/AIDS cure?
Does male domination affect AIDS transmission to females?
What degree would best provide for a job in HIV/AIDS research?
Conclusion to a HIV/AIDS research paper...?
What's the AIDS drug azidothymine better known as?
Doing a assignment for Debate class. Need a good website displaying information on aids in africa.?

Specialist Advice Service for people in South London click here for more infomation

UKC Long Term Health Survey 2006
People with HIV in the UK rank long-term side effects as top of their list of concerns ... read more

Picture of person behind bars, click for our survey report pagesCriminalisation of HIV Transmission

Latest - UK Law and HIV / AIDS Project
Read more here

Newly diagnosed with HIV?

Find out more by clicking here
Information to help you

Got Hepatitis C or TB too

click here

Midweek - gay men's group - click for more infoMidweek Group for gay men each Wednesday in Vauxhall read more ...


Str8Talk might be for you .. read more

'Treat with Respect: HIV, Public Health and Immigration'
read this recent report from medical experts including UKC patron, Professor Brian Gazzard click here adobe acrobat reader required


details of this new group supported by UKC click here..

Conference Logo - click for conference pages Full Conference Report is on line

Conference News
Positive Nation's coverage of the national conference of people living with HIV

Changing Scotland logo - click for their site

Changing Scotland Positive Network

participants at the Leicester conference are setting up their own network of people with HIV in Scotland. Read more on the Changing Scotland website

Catholic and HIV Positive ?

read more about Positive Catholics ... monthly meetings in London click here

Hepatitis C and recreational drug use ... read more

Do UKCare campaignDetails ofour fund raising campaign -

we care, do UKCare?

HIV - London Matters

a section of this website for London related issues like the draft London HIV Strategy, support services for people with HIV, and concerns over the South London User Involvement Project .. read more

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland - where do you live in the UK? Find out about support and other services near to you by clicking here ...

Check our HIV and AIDS section for details about the HIV virus, information on HIV transmission, treatment, the HIV test, signs and symptoms, for people living with HIV in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)


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