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Has mankind strayed away from nature?

E.G., survival of the fittest? By caring for those who, if left to fend for themselves, would die, surely we are actually contributing to over-popluation and therefore putting more strain upon the earth?

I know this goes against human moral values but does this in fact mean we are no longer a part of the natural cycle?

The big killers of heart disease, cancer and AIDS are surely neccesary (but not pleasant) population control and if we one day find a cure for all disease, doesn't this mean we'll also have to limit reates of reproduction?

Please don't condemn me for saying this, I am no expert and do not neccesarily agree with it- but isn't this the case nonetheless?


you are right, You are no expert.

No, we have overthrown nature, particular me, KING GLOBAL WOLF. I rule the world.

I guess your willing to be the first to get fixed to cut back on population, right?

Well, i think something 1 in 4 americans dies of cancer.... so i think it might be us.......

we麓re becoming more powerful than natural selection.... wait till we start designing our babies....

What do you class as the fittest? At what age would you leave someone to die? Somebody who is 90 and has lived a long life surely deserves the right to be cared for, just as a baby with illness does. Cancer victims, obviously come in all ages, along with all the other illnesses. Sorry, I don't agree!

Nature made us care for others. Many other animals do - it's just that we've found ways of limiting the damage done by desease by using medicines.

The further question about overcrowding is an ethical one. Some countries have attempted to limit the size of their populations with varying degrees of success.

There ought to be enough food on the planet at the moment to feed everyone, but currently we are just not distributing it efficiently - but that's another question!

It is a very good point that I have heard several times throughout my life.

We have weakened the human race due to the decline of 'survival of the fittest'. At the same time - our culture has changed considerably - and it is possible to make a living without necessarily being the fastest, strongest, or smartest anymore.

Population overflow is the obvious result though when you start 'curing' or treating diseases that would normally automatically keep numbers down.

Some countries (like china) have made laws only allowing one child. Some have multiple children taxes to discourage having too many.

Of course, a lot of religious people come up with some stupid-azz nonsense, so expect some negative answers (it sounds like you've already experienced this before).

Question Unacceptable Question Unelectable Question Unacceptable

Nature is what it is. It has always been in flux and always will be. Mankind is part of nature and whatever changes there might be, where they're man made or by some other influence. Nature isn't as set in stone as you might be thinking.

It's a very complicated issue and the jury is still out. But the care you talk about is only one factor. Technology, improved diet, etc. has extended the lives of us all. In theory we have the opportunity to live longer healthier lives.

You hit the nail on the head in mentioning overpopulation. Some countries have it under control. A few actually have declining populations, which is a problem, too.

The theory is that with improvements across the board we can feed the world's population if it increases at the conservative end of the spectrum. Left unchecked, overpopulation could spell doom for our planet, it's resources and it's inhabitants.

But your original premise: has mankind strayed from nature? In so many ways, yes. If more people felt "connected," we'd take better care of the world that sustains us. In turn, the world would continue to take care of us.

Basic college courses examine this issue. It's a global world now and this is something that needs to be tackled together, all nations.

Yes we try to control it ,when we should be just part of it.

Men has been brainwashed into straying away from Nature ,by modern religions

but not everybody

why there are negative attitudes against Nature

this is mostly the fault of religions ,which state that animals have no soul ,so people abuse them thinking that animals have no feelings

Man was created as a superior being ,not at all connected genetically or spiritually with animals

God stated that he put the animals here for the people to hunt and kill as they like ,so animals are hunted into extinction

Also people are under the impression that they are the owner of land that has been here for millions of years in the brief time of their lives

God said civilize the wilderness ,and people replace Forrest's with irresponsible agriculture,using fertilizers and overgraze ending up with desserts

Modern Agriculture is the biggest destroyer of nature going against all natural forces by plowing the lands killing the microbiotic life nessecary for building soil.removing forrests which produce shade and humidity

to top it off God said that Nature was his gift meaning it was gratis ,so people disrespect it and place little value on the natural resources,as people do with things they get for nothing

all of this has resulted in that a vast proportion of this planet has been abused and we are facing a mass extinction of plant and animal species for the first time since the dinosaurs
Pagan religions are completely different ,their gods require payment for the gifts of nature ,sacrifice for harvest or permission from the Gods for hunting and only hunting for what is needed

the philosophy is that Man is the guardian rather than the owner of the land he occupies during his life

and animals even plant have souls,North American Natives will dance around a tree chanting that it is about to die ,they then quickly turn around and cut down it neighbour ,with the intention that this tree will not feel any trauma

and many Native religions regard animals as soul brothers or spiritual guides

Today in this modern world the people that are most sympathetic to Nature and into making gardens are Pagan minded people ,and their Argiculture tends to be sustainable and organic

in the past as well Aztec Chinampas produce food after 800 years ,Incas terrazes are fertile still after a thousand
Modern Agriculture tires out the soil after 3 years

today many philosiphies try to combat these negative and destructive attitudes
Permaculture is one of them
Permaculture is well known and you can find many references on the web.
there is a University of Permaculture in Australia
some other writers that are on the internet are
david Holmgren
Larry Santoyo
Kirk Hanson

Masanobu Fukuaka has written ,
One-Straw Revolution
The Road Back to Nature
The Natural Way of Farming

Simon Henderson
and Bill Molisson.

a representitive of the concept in USA is
Dan Hemenway at

Yes we have strayed away from nature but nature has its own way of fixing things and it will take out a way to control.

When we had treatment for Malaria we had some other medical problem and AIDS and all these new viral fevers are the answer. What ever human race do some day or other it will realise that Nature is the strongest.

Yes we have, thats through modern technology, money and the fact we lost faith in God and ourselves.

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