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Why do we go to doctors when we fall sick? Cant we pray to God to cure us instead?

It would be much cheaper!
Better still, Cant we pray to God not to make us sick?
And also take AIDS and Cancer away from this earth?

Jesus Christ can heal all our diseases. However, disease and sin go hand in hand. Yes, God can heal us and take away our diseases, and restore our bodies and spirits to health and life. But we mustn't sin.

Go ahead. I'll stick with science and medicine, but You and the Fundies can pray.... What a marvellous way to thin the herd! :P

the problem is that God doesn't answer in miraculous ways in all cases. Sometimes his answer is the doctor's office and the hands that he has trained for such emergencies

We could also wish unicorns would fly us over rainbows, cant we cant we

Of course you can pray to God to cure you!

You should also go see a doctor. Be proactiv.

why did god give us the brains to develop medical technology and pharmaceuticals?

Remember, God is like a clock maker, he put all of the pieces together and set them in motion, now he sits back and watches his creation, God prefers not to directly influence the world, he works on mysterious ways

You think if God actually did something in the last few thousand years, we would have a need to develop science and medicene, and expand it to the incredible degrees it has been expanded to now?

Come on. If God did his job like he was supposed to, would we need programs where you donate money to help find a cure for AIDS?

Bad management I tell you.

That's what I do!!! I haven't been to the doctor since I was 4. Praying works better, anyways!!!!

Why do you pray to God when the Doctor is unable to treat you

Uh yeah.
Works for benny hinn, moneywise!

Because now in this worls we have doctors that can save lifes and God can too. Ofcourse you can pray to God to keep you healthy itll work. God didnt creat cnaceer and aids people did it to them selves not always though. But God is not gonna take it away but he can certinly make sure you are safe and healthy if you pray and ask him he will I promise :)

docters set the bone then god heals it
docters cannot heal they can belay the pain untill the body 'heals itself' with gods help.
aids no docter can cure only supress the swymptom
even heart surgery they cut ;god heals
and docters yet get all the honours
god gets nothing
yet god still heals
its not about money or who nor why but that god does
the faulse gods of money and docters bah
i trust god

All knowledge comes from God. This is a truth.
A doctor is a person who has knowledge. Go to them when it hurts.
God can do anything He wants to. Even allow evil to work for Him.><>

God doesn't get involved with such things. He's set up the system so that it takes care of itself. Yeah, honey, you just keep prayin' and save your money .. then let us know how it all works out for ya, huh?

The Lord or SPirit works thru people (doctors, therapists,ect. I mean Lord works thru EVERYONE :o)

God uses many avenues for our getting well. Some go to doctors some know the art of healing our self. Some use herbs and oils. some lay on hands and some do energy work. It is all God or Gods energy so ultimately it is Gods hand in everything. As far as healing aids and Cancer. Case by case he may or may not heal them due to the lessons that soul has to learn. One has to understand karma and reincarnation to understand the big picture and Gods all loving merciful nature. Otherwise The fundamentalists have made Him out to be the most mercy less. want more info go to harekrishnatemple.c Read Bhagavad Gita as it is By Bhaktivedanta Prabhpuada.

I would say do both.
"Act as if all things depend on you, pray as is all things depend on God."
And sure, pray to prevent disease. And be smart about what you do (don't pray about it and then do some stupid thing that makes disease a likely outcome).
But suffering is a part of the human experience. I think we need it to some degree. We certainly wouldn't know what happiness was if we didn't know what suffering was. I would prefer a world with both than a world with neither.
And remember, this life is only a small part of the picture.

i believe in mind over matter

God could heal us if he wanted to, but thats why he gave us knowledge and compassion so that people can help people.God also test our faith by not always giving us what we want, to see if our faith will waiver or if we just trust in him.Besides there is nobility to suffering it makes us stronger.(what doesn't kill you makes you stronger)

It's a very nice thought, unfortunately it just dosn't work that way.

God works in His own way, in His own time, He knows what's best for us and if we are sick perhaps we have a lesson to learn.
If you live in Bundaberg in Queensland in Australia, believe me God is the best option.

yea good luck with that
it will still be the researchers and doctors who are ACTUALLY helping people

100 years ago the average life span of Americans was 47 years. People then relied exclusively on prayer to save them from disease. Even simple ear infections and skin infections could easily kill. Since the advent of modern medicine the American life span has soared to over 70 and we have little fear of the horrible diseases that terrorized people 100 years ago. Clearly prayer is far inferior to a visit to the doctor.

God creates brain in human body to think. The doctor have the gift and brain to cure people. So, if you just wait and pray until God heals you, that would be dumb. God is not a great ATM in the sky, you swipe the card and He just give you what you need. Then why do we even need faith if that's the case ? He's sovereign and holy.
There will be diseases around the world , unfortunately. you can't get away from it. But there's always a cause of everything. Why there's AIDS in the first place ? Why there's cancer in the first place ? Human cause diseases not God.

OK so our bodies run down they need maintiance cant take our bodies to god without dieing first so the doctor is where we go.

I firmily believe God uses Doctors to help cure us. We could but aids and cancer are part of a fallen world. Gotta use common sense sometimes too.

people have been praying for thousands of years for God to take away diseases - they still waiting.
Doctors do it for you, and you only wait until he sees you.

If wishing and praying were effective, who needs science?

Humans started out wishing and praying since they lived in caves. They kept the habit, but they used their reason to understand how nature works. From nature and its laws they learned to understand and control some of the causes of disease. The more we progress in science, the less we need to pray.

Reason explains. Faith is a sentiment that can only make us feel good.

Joh 9:1-3
"And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.
And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?
Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him."

only what man cannt do God do;
"But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. " Mat 19:26

I've heard about many ppl who have been cured from cancer with miracles......
I hope to hear the same for AIDS


God give the Doctors the knowledge to heal and to cure.When God does a healing its a miracle.I believe that God hears our prayers and he heals us as he uses Doctors.I also believe that if you pray to God for a healing and you believe that he will answer your prayer he will . He`s the same today as he was yesterday and in the beginning.We walk by faith and we have to trust him.In the Bible there is a passage that says it rains on the just as well as the unjust.Things happen in this life.God doesn`t make us sick we get sick.I wish there was a cure for cancer and aides too. I`ve had cancer so I know first hand what its like.God hasn`t failed me and I believe that I`m cured.

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