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How much would you make if you found a cure for cancer?

what about HIV/AIDS? how much do/does the people/person who invented advil make? stuff like that...

Not much if anything. You would be screwed out of your invention so fast it would stun you. Discovering a cure and making a commercial product are very different things.

I wouldn't want to make a penny but, the drug manufacturers would make billions...I'd like to see them distributed for free.
The 'Advil' discoverers are probaby only paid the same salary as always but, maybe with a bonus cash payment.

Cancer cures and HIV are not trivial things and don't expect to find a cure without getting a degrees and diplomas in the biological sciences like microbiology. If you can find the cure there are millions of desperate people out there who will pay anything.

Advil is just fancy packaged Ibuprofen and there is nothing clever in doing that. It's the marketing that makes the money, not the chemistry.

A small amount, you are bound to get screwed out of your money with something of that importance

A person can be rich on discovering cures for sickness, any one. But for me, my pay would be the happiness to see the faces of people cured of cancer like children who are innocent and have cancer and the battle for many is hard to beat, but if I could I would come up with a cure and start with the children. So my reward is the smiles of all those cured. It's a wonderufl feeling. Money can not compare to the happiness of a person being cured.

The multi-billion dollar drug companies will NEVER allow a cure for either cancer or AIDS. They make much more money by keeping people sick, & taking their expensive drugs. Yes, they're doing "research." But not the type of research that will really CURE anything!!

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