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What do you call the people who look for cures to diseases like, aids, breast cancer, ect.?

What do you call the people who look for cures to diseases like, aids, breast cancer, ect.?


Um.. I think they're generally called research scientists. But would more specifically be a cancer research scientist. I think there may be another word for it but I can't remember!

There are several terms:

doctors, scientists, experts, researchers, pharmacutical developers, etc.

Researchers, sometimes research scientists.



It depends. If someone is trying to find a cure for a neurological disorder, they'd be called a Neurologist. There is no "name" for someone who looks for cures except maybe "Research Scientists" but it's more specific meaning it depends on what they are trying to find a cure for.

micro biologists, itty bitty biologists

persistent :) many different disciplines are involved in this process. They are usually collectivelly refered to as research scientists or pharmaceutical scientists(drugs) but can include physiologists, physicians, chemists etc etc.

I would call them medical researchers.

a researcher

not sure I know it is something to do with biologist though.

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