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What if we abort the child who will discover the cure for cancer?

Now this is now a debate, no heated discussion, just sayin.... people abort, but what if that child that was not allowed to be born, was the one who would one day find the cure for cancer or aids. Just an interesting thoughts, what if that personwas meant for something great. I mean you can't say just because someone was brought into poverty means we can't succeed. I was born into an abusive situation, poverty, but I am one of the most confident people, happy and sucessful. So any thoughts on this?


Besides, it's not even a matter of how "useful" a child will turn out to be as an adult.

It's simply a matter of humanity. The unborn are human beings, and it's wrong to kill them.

Remember one thing that all pro-abortion people have in common: they've already been born.


That's a crap shoot. We may have let the guy out of prison who started cancer, for all we know. We can't determine who moves next on the game board based on what we feel they might amount to. We should hold all human life in the same regard. That level of respect is up to you.

i like yourself am against abortion(for myself).
i am also prochoice(for others).

to answer your Q
we have no way if knowing these things...
we cant predict our contribution

good luck
your friend
the orchids torturer

Interesting conception, but the possibilities of reproducing a good person are balanced with the possibilities of reproducting a bad person. What if the aborted child caused a shooting in his school?

What if someone aborts the child that, as an adult, would kill thousands in a terrorist act? Or would grow up and murder your family? Now I'm not saying whether I'm pro-life or pro-choice, but I do see how the argument can go both ways. Any time a question starts with "What if..." there is always an equally strong argument to the opposite.

I'm not going to say I'm for or against abortion but what if someone aborted the next Hitler, Mugabe or the next Jack the Ripper? Wouldn't that be a blessing?

so how do you know that they were meant for greatness, another thought for people to live others have to die its the way of the world if not we couldn't survive this long but still we will someday die out because nothing last forever

I don't particularly like abortion myself but I think that even if a child is aborted that has the potential to cure cancer there will be another child that is born that will find the answer instead. I'm pretty sure only about 70% of intelligence is inherited, which is quite a bit, but lets face it, someone who has to come to the decsion to get an abortion most likely wasnt smart about getting pregnant. To add to that, a child that's born into a family thats unwilling to take care of it and isnt prepared for a child probably wont get that other 30% of intelligence that comes from nurture as well. I mean, the kid could turn out ok, but the odds are against him/her. Another way to think of it is just say Edison was aborted, do you think no one would have ever invented the light bulb and we would still be using lanterns for light? Probably not.

What if we abort the child who would have become the next Hitler?

hitler's mom almost aborted him and then a doctor convinced her to change her mind last minute. what do you have to say about THAT? we can keep bringing in babies into this world, but who is to say who will be the next mother theresa or the next stalin?


The same question can be asked "what if he was the next Hitler, or Stalin? "

Then we woulden't know eaither way would we?
So it doesn't matter.

There is nothing wrong with abortion, i'm all for it. And I don't think it should be outlawed because "it could of disovered something".


there is already a cure for cancer. its just the medical doctors and corrupt pharmaceutical industry and governments are hiding it and "made disappear" the doctors and biologists who discovered it. if the cure came out everybody would be better and no money would be made for these ruthless drug companies.

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