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Christians with AIDS! ONLY CHRISTIANS WITH AIDS, PLEASE! :P Thanks. Have you prayed for your god to cure you?

Hi, everybody. I know most people here probably aren't Christians with AIDS, so here's a subquestion: have you ever known anybody that miraculously recovered from full-blown AIDS? Not HIV, but full-blown AIDS?

No. I don't know anyone with AIDS. Cured or not.

The World is huge, I don't know everything. I like to believe there has been some who have been cured from horrible sickness like this one.

A thai guy cameto our church in Singapore to give testimony.

He was dying from Aids, but he started pleading with God to let him live.

And there he stood in our church, well again. He was blinded by AIDS, but he could see when he came to Singapore. He was skinny and dying, but he weighed a 60kg when he came. His doctor certified him as recovered.

All praise to God! AMazing! I saw him with my own eyes. And everytime he gave testimony, he would cry, touched by the hand of God.


why would I lie? or is it because you are afraid that you would be convinced?? Why would I lie? To expand Christianity????? To trick people???? COME ON!


You heard its a hoax, but I SAW him. Sorry I would rather believe what I saw!

i havent heard of it or known any one to do so

I have read a FEW reports of infants who have managed to fight off the AIDS virus, although I haven't heard anything to suggest that it was a miracle. Infants have very flexible and agile immune systems, so this is a population that you would reasonably expect to be more capable of beating the disease. I've never heard of an adult going into a complete remission.

I don`t personally know of anyone,but I know others who have been healed of other things. I`m sure there are some who have recovered.

I am sure you are going to get a few made up stories like the second answer.

God can do any thing if it's his will.
You need to have really deep faith.You need to really believe and have no doubt in your heart at all that God will heal you.
There are miracles all the time.You just got to believe that through God all things are possible.

PS:i see your an atheist> Your the one that gave me a thumbs down.

The people on the boards need to seriously get educated. AIDS is not a virus, but a condition commonly resulting from HIV infection. HIV virus is redundant, because the V stands for virus. Kg is not a weight, it is a mass. Weight is the result of mass times gravity - it's basic physics, kids.

*annoyed by ignorance*

And to answer your question, no.

Not recovered, but there are people in Africa who are immune to AIDS. Of course they are researching into that.

Sorry, realistically, I don't believe God is going to miracolously cure someone with AIDS. However, AIDS has nothing to do with your faith in GOD. It shouldn't! "Blessed those who believe without seeing." Those who need a miracle to believe, no miracle will be enough. Do not fear death, find peace in God, and take comfort that you will have eternal life with Him.

I heard about the Thai guy in Singapore. From what I heard, it is a big HOAX! The doctor is not a medical doctor. He is a doctor (PhD). from some unknown university from God knows where, majoring in Psychology. And he gets paid by the church to do this.

When my son was 3 he was dying on cancer, he recovered by some miracle.
As my son got old there was no doubt he had brain damage from the treatments.
As he got older it was worse.
He never fitted in socially and killed 5 people that we know of possibly more.
Yes, I too prayed for him when he was 3.
It's something I regret now for the families and victims of my son.
Sometimes prayer is not the answer.

People can have a remission in symptoms of AIDS related o.i.'s. I have seen this and am one of them. However, I the HIV virus will always remain. I believe in having faith and wellness but I do not agree about this being soley a Christian issue. In fact, I have experienced more negativity and rhetoric about AIDS being God's punishment from Christians than any other group.

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