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Do you think Cuba holds the cure to HIV & Aids?

They don't seem to have much of it there.

Just a hunch.

Because they have the best medical care for there people out of any third world country. If you have aids they place you in a hospital and teach you about what you have. No diseases run wild in Cuba. They have been very smart on how they treat there ill and having amazing medical care they just might find the cure. Cuba health wise is a much safer and smarter place then America is. Aids and other diseases and illness run with out check and many people can't even pay for medical attention. So I think they might who knows we will see.

It is impossible to know the extent to which communist countries are suffering from this problem, as they don't pass out information about themselves to the outside world.

Because not many people live there.

My best friend is a medical doctor in Cuba and there is a great deal of AIDS in Cuba. They do not have a cure. AIDS is more prevalent throughout the Caribbean than almost any other country other than Africa.

No not a cure...I do want to get on my soapbox for a bit.
I wish the USA and Cuba would quit fighting like two children...Open Cuba up to tourist from the USA.....We would all better from it!
Ps...I am not Cuban, I am an Ozark American!

No, why should they, they have an AIDS problem there they would love to solve, just like most other countries.

Most unlikely as Cuba has no real scientific pedigrees, no worthwhile universities and the country is generally very very poor in comparison to Western countries that have been pioneering research into HIV for many years. Furthermore, the level of health care and access thereto is somewhat limited.

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