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Can GOD cure AIDS ?


yes but he won't. all who die of aids do so becasue it is his will. god causes everything to happen.

Why should he?

Why should God have to fix all our mistakes?

Is God suddenly ruled by those he creates?

No.. god is infected long ago

Why would It want to?

Only you can cure AIDS. Your cells can be programmed to fight off anything but, never through internal distress.

God can cure any disease. He is the creator. He raised an army from dried bones.


aids is not curable so no but if you go to heaven then yes you wont have aids any more or any disease you had while on earth! and he can do so because he is God and he created everything!

yes. He created everything.

Sure can. In any way He chooses. However, I feel that AIDS along with many other diseases, war, etc. are punishment for our sins. So I don't think He will anytime soon. When/If he does, then I expect that a scientist will come up with the solution.

plz take go to god for one day and ask the same question to him , then you tell me the answer

This has already happened in a number of cases. Many missionary's and Evangelists have seen aids healed by the prayer of faith and the laying on of hands. There has yet to be a cure given by God to the general public, but if He chooses He can.

is there even a god????

God could fix anything,but we are the ones who are sinning.

Yes. Ask Him. And ask him why he had to even allow it in the first place - we boys and girls couldn't play right, we had to play with our own kind in a very naughty way - and that was our justice. God is love - as a parent, love also means training our children about justness. Not the fun part of parenting by a long shot, but a necessary part, all the same.

God can do anything he wants to do. So to answer your question, yes he can. But many years ago, before the birth of His Son, back in the Garden of Eden, He gave humans free will. When Adam and Eve chose to take a bite of the forbidden fruit of life, they chose for us. We now have to make our own decisions and pay the price for the ones we make. Thanks to the blood she of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary, we can be forgiven of our sins.

Man I got over Him speaking the world into existence long ago. I am not worried about how God does anything. No one can explain God. But if you wish-you can sit there and drive yourself silly trying to figure it out. Happy hunting.

I doubt it,I think he would have gotten around to it after all these years and devistation it`s caused...that would make him merciful if he cured Aids.

Stop having immoral sex and stop doing immoral things! That鈥檒l be a good start for getting rid of it.

Can your god pay your bills? Sometimes at the end of the day you just gotta do it for yourself. Any omnipotent beings have better things to do than worry about a few diseases running around. Will your faith heal you? Maybe. . . but do you have faith in yourself is a better question. The human design has much potential if only humans would realize it. Those monks that sit up in the mountains all day melting the snow around them are on to something.

Yeah, GOD can cure AIDs, if someone discovers a cure it is because God enabled him to, He showed him the path towards the cure.

AIDs. But the thing is God sent this disease upon us so we can pay for our sins. He wants to Teach people that that is what happens when we sin and put ourselves in danger. He's just trying to keep us away from danger that we put ourselves in.

If God can't cure AIDS, then He is not God. And how? Very simple! By prayer and faith in him who died on the cross carrying our sins and sickness.

God can do anything He wants to do.

Like create AIDS.

Its Like Going to Bill Gates and asking him for 10 $ :) ...
Even if your aids is cured, does it mean you will not become Old or Die ?
God is giving the cure to Death itself. Come to my eternal Kingdom where there is no suffering ...
And you are asking , let me rot here, just cure this disease so that i can enjoy a few more years ...
This is not very Intelligent thing to Ask..
Even if you have Aids, you can still surrender to God. The Method to go back to Kingdom of God is very Simple in this Age.
Simply Chant Hare Krishna ..or what ever name of God you believe in .. Please dont waste the remaining days of your life.. seek out the ultimate Cure of everything ..

God can do anything he want

God create all of this world


It is very easy to cure AIDS if he wants ONLY by order

sure and no doubt,he will just say to it be and it will
god said:-
. Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is!
koran,surah yasin 82

He certainly could I would suggest you to attend a place that teaches that God still heal's people. To find the nearest place I would suggest you use the directory found at:

The answer is No. God has no power to do anything, not stopping war, disease, virus, or hate. Or he might be another form of Satan.

Are we living the way our body was 'designed' to live ? If we understand this well, and act accordingly, God need not be troubled to cure AIDS ! It is said that a research was conducted to test 'deers' by injecting the virus of AIDS into two groups and one group was set free into forest, while the other was kept under captivity. The first group got rid of the virus each time when injected afresh at an interval of about 3 to 6 months. The other group under captivity did not survive the first dose ! Our life style resembles that of 'animals under captivity' !

God can cure any thing. God allow or not allow things to happen in our life. Getting Aids is one of those things. Most of the time we cause Aids to happen to our children and our self. By sleeping around, having our sex partner the same sex as we are and intreveno drug use.

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