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If preachers can "cure" the injured, sick etc... on a stage in church why can't they go cure AIDS, etc...?

It makes absolutely no sense to me. If these preachers who bring people up on stage, perform these so-called "miracles" on people, why not cure AIDS and other sicknesses? Why aren't they going out and curing the people who REALLY need it. Not someone who has a damn knee injury and can't play football anymore. "Oh, no! I'm going to lose my football scholarship!." I find this absurd. It makes no sense. I don't believe in this crap for one second, but IF it was REAL why aren't they?

Do you think the so-called cured people are paid "hush money"?

Yes sadly they are. Most of these so called "preachers" are hoaxes. Do miracles happen today? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean God needs someone on stage knocking people down. They are most likely payed hush money, or it may even be Satan. Either way, healing comes from sincere prayer, not through a guy yelling on stage singing like he is drunk. My grandmother was cured of stomach Cancer when the day before surgery, the elders of the church laid their hands on her, and asked God that if it was HIS will that she might be healed, and she didn't need the surgery. Just prayer guys, it is the most powerful.

because a stage artist can only perform upto what the director has asked him/her to.

Real 'preachers' don't go around healing people on a stage. That kind of stuff is a joke. The problem is, they make people like you generalize them with all 'preachers'. That is unfortunate.

Unfortunately I don't think they are really curing anybody. It's just a way for them to make a lot of money.

Very simple. It's a show on stage. They are not curing anyone. The bible says to beware of false prophets.

Because these people are fake!
They make a joke of God and the true followers of Christ.
I wish that they would be shown for the frauds that they are.

they happened in my church once!

Preachers do not cure anything. Faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is the healing power. If you call upon the Almighty and it is his will than you shall be cured. Preachers are messengers of God yes some have healing powers but they cannot heal unless it is God's will.

Not everyone who goes to church is "the real deal." God's word says to "try the spirits." The word also says "By their fruit, you will know them."

Matthew 5:17-Beware of false prophets that come to you in sheep's clothing, for they are inwardly ravenous wolves.

Meanwhile, don't assume that all healing is false. God still performs miracles today. He is the same yesterday, today, & forever.

If you are referring to the tele-evangelists, then yes, I think they are a hoax. However I have seen people healed of cancer and even someone healed of a brain tumor. Not all healings are a hoax. The person in need is the one who has to have the faith that God will heal him. So you can't just go around praying for a cure for the person with aids, if the aids patient is not a believer, they probably won't be healed.

Regarding AIDS, here's a novel idea:

How about altering our behavior, so as not to catch the disease in the first place?

If you watch a video called the transformation. Over in Africa there are people getting healed from Aids. By the power of God. this nation is so full of unbeleif and fools. But when you take a person in Africa who has nothing and is dying of Aids and take a man of faith in God, a missionary, preacher etc,. the sickness flees. The man/ or women with Aids has total faith in something.. why because its all that they have... here people wnt to be fools..

This is just my take on it, but all that stuff is an act. I went to a church one time and this guy acted like he was really hurt and the preacher got up, said some words I didnt understand, hit the guy on the forhead and suddenly he was "healed" The guy went to jumping around and stuff, acting stupid. Well as it was, when he was doing all his false glorifying for his so called miracle, he tripped, fell and broke his foot. I smiled to myself thinking that thats what he deserved for mocking God. I do beleive that prayer and God can heal, but as for some 2 bit preacher on a stage, nah, its just for show.

Because AIDS is Gods scourge against sinfullness.
Hey, I am just kidding,they have to do cures on things that can be convinced to affect a cure. I would be interested in knowing how many are a)planted b)relapse.
It is all Hooey.

Maybe 1 of 100 stage healings is genuine, and aids is not easy to recover from. A healer would have to conduct several healings to cure aids, and most preachers haven't the time, the desire, or the ability to do it.

Most of the time, these 'sick' people they 'cure' are well-paid frauds. Sad to say, most of the 'priests' aren't even saved!! You have a point though.

Your question could be even broader than it is. Why don't faith healers go into hospitals and cure all the sick people there at once? Why don't they go to a battlefield and cure the injured? I think the answer is that no objective person would say that faith healing really works.

I read an article in the newspaper a few years ago about a woman who claimed to be healed by a televangelist. She wasn't, really, but she so much WANTED to believe that this faith healer could help her that she said--on television--that the crippling pain in her back had disappeared. It was still there.

In the Catholic church, people who can (or supposedly could) create cures like that are elevanted to sainthood. The Catholics consider such acts to be miracles, and they have a careful investigation before they substantiate any claims of miraculous cures. Most of the claims turn out to be nothing much after the investigation.

Of course, the faith healers you see on TV and at revivals aren't Catholic, of course, but neither are they saints. They don't cure anyone. Some people pretend to be sick so they can pretend to be cured. Some people, like the woman I described above, just want to have hope in the healer. And, sad to say, some of them are planted in the audience. They are frauds that the faith healer knows to pick out so he can "heal" them.

I've never seen this happen for myself. I've seen miracles. My aunt who was supposed to have died from terminal cancer only six months after being diagnosed lived for four years. We knew she would die, but she knew she wasn't going until she had reached the last person God intend for her to get through to. We prayed for her and her mission and she lived for four years. That's a miracle in my eyes. I don't by into everything I see in churches anyway. Churches are just as political as governments and there are secrets. I don't know about hush-money, but I wouldn't put it past certain types of charismatic churches.

Anyone with any of their brain working can see these people are false! But I can say that people who put a lot of emotional effort in these cranks are more likely to gain from the placebo effect.

God is in the business of healing, He may use someone to do that healing, that someone may be on a stage. I would pray that person is not in it for the glory that is God's, because if they are, they will soon lose the ability to have God work thru them.

That said, don't let one person cast a light on a whole practice. I was healed from a neck injury, by laying on of hands, belief and a miracle from heaven. Don't believe me, I have the before and after MRI available to view. The day I was at the surgeons for my presurgery visit, he showed me my second series of MRI pictures taken after prayer, and they were clear. I also had a rare condition in my wrist where the bone in the center, will die from lack of blood flow-circulation. I was prayed for, at age 13, casted for several months and recovered full use and life of the bone. Could have been the casting, but also this method was only less than 10% effective, and most people have to have a plastic replacement that has to be again replaced as they grow. My docter had never had one case come before him that was healed by itself. Praise God!!

Well said chosen isaiah, you do have to believe.

Personally I think that people are 'healed' and then told to give more money 4 'offering' and funnily enough you see the 'healer' driving around in a really fancy car
coincidence I think not

There are many who pretend to heal, and, likewise, pretend to give the glory to God. But, they are false, and are NOT doing the work of God.

Although believers can pray for the sick and heal them THROUGH GOD, it must be in God's Will for them to become healed.

When Jesus walked the earth, his healing power was not reserved for only Himself. Jesus gave authority to His disciples to heal others:
Matt 10:1 "He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness."

But, it was not limited to the disciples:
Luke 10:1-2, 9 After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field鈥eal the sick who are there and tell them, The kingdom of God is near you."

This healing power was given to all believers:
Mark 16:17-18 And these signs will accompany those who believe: IN MY NAME they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.

I have seen prayer and fasting work.

I really appreciate your question. It's been a thorn in the side of many a person saved and unsaved. The problem lies in
"UNDERSTANDING", and to understand alot of the "WHY's" and "WHY DIDN'Ts" takes alot of STUDY, TIME and EFFORT, and then WE still won't know EVERYTHING (we are not the CREATOR, nor will be). SO-----what's left? I know some things!!!!There EXCITING!!!! HERE GOES: A man cannot HEAl anybody. But GOD can choose to use a man to HEAL somebody else IF: GOD can get that man to let HIM flow from his spirit (God lives inside of HIS CHILDREN) up through his SOUL (his super-computer--doubt in the soul will stop the power of GOD, coming in or going out) out of his body(fleshly) into the OTHER GUY's(the GUY who wants to be healed) spirit, which then has to travel through the OTHER GUY'S SOUL (if there's no doubt and unbelief) into the OTHER GUY's body(fleshly, which needs the Healing). If that happens, the OTHER GUY is HEALED by GOD HIMSELF!!!! Exciting, isn't it!!! And sometimes HARD to DO!!!! p.s. After the OTHER GUY receives his HEALING, watch out for the counter-attack!! The Devil will then come and try to STEAL IT FROM THE OTHER GUY. This isn't all, but I'm tired of typing!!!!!!

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