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World Prophecy by Jucelino- is it true??

I received emails about this guy named Jucelino Nobrega da Luz who was said to be able to predict the future. Princess Diana's death, the infamous 911 incident and numerous natural disasters(including my country, Indonesia) had been said to be predicted far before the incidents themselves.
I am just wondering, is it one of those email hoax? In the email, there were more predictions about year 2008, 2009, 2010 until 2043. The predictions were mostly about natural disasters and political issues.
Here are some predictions:

-A cure for AIDS will be discovered in 2008
-in July 18, Philippines will be struck with massive earthquake
-in 2015, world temperature may reach 59掳 Celcius
-in 2043, world population would have decreased by 80%.

Those above are just some points i translated from my email. Comments on this please! I'm full of doubts, but yet im afraid this might come true.

Aids has not been discovered long enough for the FDA to have a sure cure.
Global warming is causing temperatures to rise and weather to go crazy. The world has started its self cleansing.
With food shortages and higher risk of disease , terrorism, violence and global warming issues it may lead to a significant decrease in population.

you bet it is, that is a hoax.

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