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This comment is for the guy with the post why women shouldn't be allowed to vote?

Apparently someone got pissed off and the question was deleted before I could answer BUT I have something to say . . .BTW this is not aimed at all men, only this ignorant one

I'm sure your mother is very proud of the loser she raised. Get the hell off your soapbox b/c if you want the truth bend over.
Haven't you ever heard the saying behind every great man there is an even greater woman? Let me offer you some advice. Men have run this country forever, and look at the wonderful job they have done so far. By the way learn a little about other countries before you try to quote anything they may have said about the USA voting in a woman. MEN invented cures for diseases? Uh funny what was AIDS? Kinda started with men didn't it? Learn how to spell first then look up how many women are working for NASA, serving side by side with male soldiers, and MAN created everything you see? Who do you think created that man? Do not say Jesus or God b/c it all started in a stable with a WOMAN NAMED MARY oh and she didn't need a man either that's why it is called the immalculate conception.

Get back under your rock and try again in another 100 years. Since women are not really needed I guess it's a good thing God blessed you with two hands, so when I gets tired the other will take over. J O

It's amazing how racist men are about women still in this day and NOTHING is said about this.
People held signs when Hilliary was campaigning telling her to go home and do the laundry-really this country should be OUTRAGED at this discrimination.
And I agree where exactly do these holier than thou men come off with their superior opinions when they spent 9 months in a woman to even be here-I think that might be the issue-we give birth to them suckers and I think that scares the crap out of them.


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