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How do you cure a swollen hand?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon, my mom was using a knife to cut the plastic wrapping off a bottle of cream. However, she accidentally slip and got a small stab in her left hand. I immediately cleaned the blood off and but a band-aid on it to stop the bleeding, which it did. However, as the night progressed and into this morning, in her left hand, where the knuckle area is below the index finger, it got inflamed. My mom says it feels stiff and she thinks her stab reached all the way to the bone.

She took Motrin, since it's an anti-flammatory medication, and she also applied those instant cold packs, but those didn't help at all. If anyone knows some sort of remedy, it would be great to let me know.


See your health care provider as soon as possible. You shouldn't expect that a problem with a stab in the small finger joint will resolve completely. Even after healing, some leftover stiffness and occasional twinges of discomfort are likely. Unrealistically high expectation lead to feeling that you did something wrong or that the doctor was no good. In fact, almost all of us have a few fingers that have been injured and remain a bit crooked or stiff.
The injured area should be cleaned surgically, with the wound left open. Antibiotics should be given to prevent joint infection (septic arthritis), which can otherwise lead to permanent destruction of the knuckle joints. Bacteria in human and animal bites are resistant to many antibiotics but are generally sensitive to ampicillin and penicillin.
Checked into felon, herpetic whitlow and paronychia. And good luck.

I can't think of anything else apart from keeping on with the ice packs, sorry. If nothing does work I'd reccomend going to the doctors/A&E (depending on how bad the injury was).

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