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I am looking for a natural cure for insomnia. I am a 46 y.o. woman. Sleep aids don't work anymore!?

I am looking for a natural cure for insomnia. I am a 46 y.o. woman. Sleep aids don't work anymore!?

the ones mentioned, as well as you could consider looking into HRT therapy, as insomnia is meno/perimenopausal..... oprah just did a series on that.... look up books by christiane northrup MD and susane somers
then if you really want to deal with all this without drugs look into traditional chinese medicine articles by dr. subhuti dharmananda, an american
white tiger makes a product called Nardova that works really well, but try the teas mentioned, they work also
there are some doctors dealing with the whole hormonal thing.... eg the Hall Center in san diego

My first recommendation is to be sure to take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement which include magnesium. You might even want to take an addtional Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc combo.

Also, there are numerous teas to aid with sleep, which contain various herbs. If you are not into teas, you can pick up dietary supplements at any health food stores.

Good luck.

chaomile tea, melatonin, sleepy time tea by celestial seasons, or a medication called remron wich is an antianxiety pill that works as a really strong sleep aid that has different ingridiants then most sleep aids...
Good Luck!

Try Valerian root tincture, or Passiflora Plex. You can get it from a health food store. Works better than anything I've tried. Over the counter stuff has never worked for me!

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