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If one pray's to god, can god heal and cure HIV aids?

If one pray's to god, can god heal and cure HIV aids?

Yes, but the key is to understand how to do this and who god is


You need to love yourself to be able to cure this, for if you hate yourself and most people do, you will not want to do this. Jesus showed us that if we use the LAW OF ATTRACTION very powerfully we can create miracles, but you HAVE TO LOVE YOUR OWN SELF FIRST. This is type of stuff that TONY ROBBINS and NEALE DONALD WALSCH have been trying to help us with and unfortunately many religions CLOSE THE DOOR on this information because of FEAR AND GREED!

Religions DO NOT TEACH HOW TO LOVE, the only teach the THEORY of LOVE and that is why an upgrade or an evolutionary process would BE GREAT in my opinion for RELIGIONS!

The law of attraction is real people! USE IT with LOVE and not FEAR

Peace everyone

There is a huge difference between 'can' and 'will'. Arguably, God Can heal and cure anything, including HIV Aids. However, God does Not cure people, usually, because it is up to us humans to come up with the cures for the ills of this world. Some people have found themselves cured after praying, but I don't know if it is 'god' or their own force of will. The mind is Very powerful and capable of much more than most of us realize when it come to curing and healing and protecting the body.

Well, debating that God can do anything in the workings of a miracle, I believe so.

However, Hiv Aids is a condition that is not 'curable', however if one prays to God and it is God's will for this person too be cured, he will heal him of his condition.

Nice question(:

Remember what Jesus said - "Physician heal thyself".

I believe that we have to understand that Death is not something to be feared. We leave our body behind and who we really are, continues on.

If one believes strongly enough there are many who find themselves suddenly in remission. However, believing 100%, when suffering with something like Aids, is a very difficult thought process to get oneself into.

Since we are on the subject - I recently was given a prescription for an anti-nausea "pill", which is the only "pill" that supposedly works with Aids patients.
The prescription cost me $20.00 per pill. It is very sad that someone with Aids has to pay such a tremendous amount of money for a pill to relieve them of their terrible nausea. That is why I am all for "pot" to be used by those who are suffering and who cannot possibly afford $20.00 a pill.

Nope. That's like sleeping with your math book under your pillow and believing you will learn it through osmosis. Magical thinking.

edit: Magic did not pray himself well, he has a metric buttload of money and took the most expensive cutting edge medical treatments, and that is why he is currently HIV free. If praying healed people, there would be no sick children in the ICU.

No. Only our medical knowledge can defeat AIDS. Not that they would divulge the information, pharmaceutical companies make too much money off of drugs people need to take over and over delaying the process instead of one cure.

Why should we count of God to fix all of our screwups? If we weren't such a sexually perverted society, we wouldn't have to worry about HIV in the first place.

If so, wouldn't that make Him an extortionist?
If no, wouldn't that make Him useless?

It's possible but God chooses not to do this most of the time because of free will. Plus, God will cure everyone after they die regardless of whether or not they go to Hell or Heaven.

With God all things are possible, all things. Yes, He has healed many of Aids, He purged their blood with His.


Only people and doctors and scientists can cure AIDS.

Anything is possible!

Yes he can. Prayers are often followed by death (see Iraq), and when the host body dies so does the HIV virus.

anything is possible with god

No or there would be no Christians in hospitals with HIV or AIDS. Sadly that's not the case.

God doesn't cure illnesses people do. Why do you think God has never healed any amputees?

God can do anything

God could do what He chooses.

no there is no god hate to break it to u

Yes He can.

The Lord can do ANYTHING!! The question is, is it His will...

Magic Johnson.... nuf said

yes! He can do all things


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