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Hemp Oil cures cures Cancer and any disease ?

It seems that Hemp oil can basically cure anything from Terminal Cancer to aids , basically any disease of sorts .

Watch all the 7 parts of the people cured .

Makes you wonder why they make hemp illegal , even though it has not killed 1 person unless contanminated , yet Alcohol is legal ?

Big Pharma would be out of business if the avg person knew about this

I highly recommend anyone especially suffering from Chronic Illnesses to watch this and get themselves some hemp seeds and grow there own hemp and extract the oil out of it .
Do not go buying hemp oil on the internet as the main substance THC has been removed as it is deemed illegal .

Thousands have been cured of Cancer , Diabetes , Alzimehers and many other diseases , Please please check out the video ( all 7 parts before commenting ) as you may learn something you did not know before .

Man cured of Terminal lung cancer in less then 2 month , the Ct scan proved that =-]

P.S : Do not listen to the Mainstream propoganda by CNN , foxnews .

Well posted. Its no news to myself but is useful to those who take the time to read and watch this.

We will always have to suffer the dumbed down masses who allow press television and corrupt governments to lie to them.

If people will sit there and allow an illegal war invasion as well as mass politician fraud to go right over their dead heads what chance is there of shifting the implanted brainwash about cannabis.
Anyhow after thirty six years nobody anywhere will stop me using this wonderful healing herb. Ever.

yea the big evil pharma companies and the media want everyone to die. im sure hemp oil cures everything.

stupid ******* stoner

Great answer Haze & Meanz!

Llike I said last time you asked, the nutrients in hemp oil are deficient in most people (esp. omega 3 fatty acids). These deficiencies are part of why cancer presents itself in the body, so in some people they will cure the cancer, but frankly most people with cancer need a lot more than hemp oil. By the time a person has cancer their body is highly acidic and deficient in a lot of things.

Hemp oil is a great supplement and preventative but it's not a cure all for everyone. However, I've never met anyone who didn't feel better when on the fatty acids.

Many doctors recommend fish oil when hemp oil is actually another valued and safer source.

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