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PORN: Did they really think anything GOOD would come out of it?

Many have died of AIDS, many more are infected, drug overdoses, suicides, many of the people were molested, raped as children etc... There is something really sinister about this lifestyle. When will people learn that there is NOTHING entertaining or glamorous about this industry?????

It's not entertaining or glamourous. It's easy money.

what's porn got to do with that?

i dont know BUT ITS ABOUT TIME THEY SHOULD!!! HEEHEE!!! (the laughter is my signature...)

This also happens to people who have nothing to do with the porn industry, in case you didn't know.

Provides jobs?

the world is just going to crap, anything goes these days! SUCKS............

They have studied the impact of society from the availability of pornographic material and erotica. Rapes and stuff like that has gone down as porn has become more available. What about all of the people who have posed nude for artists, or who are depicted in art? Anything dealing with sexuality is "Disgusting and is completely harmful and has no upsides." Many of the great students at high caliber universities overdose on ADD medicines and caffeine, yet a Harvard education is glamorous. Ivy league grads are also more likely to to commit suicide than the general population. Black women are more likely to have been raped or molested as children, or have an STD than the general population. If you want to protect children from pornography and erotica one has to the power to do so! The vast majority of the distributors of these products have special tags installed on their websites that work with web filters. TV's have V-chips. Parents have eyes. It's important to use these tools. These products obviously have a need and demand for them, and parents are quite able to protect their children from pornographic or erotic materials.

Your the first guy i've met that isn't all about porno. I think it's utterly discusting, i never want to watch it.

It can teach women how to give a great bl*w j*b, do you have a problem with that? Why are you blaming "porn" for everything?

I personally don't believe they will ever learn. The devil is taking over the world more and more everyday and i don't think its ever gonna stop. Too many people watch porn for them to stop making it and they aren't even looking at peoples health, they are focused on the millions they are making.

your asking humanity to learn that something that brings them pleasure is harmful. humans have always wanted pleasure, and if they are willing to risk all of that for the pleasure that is their choice, and no one can take their right to choose from them. if you don't like it, and see the dangers, then you choose another path, as is your right, and mine. but we have no right to judge anyone, no matter what they have done, are doing, or might do.

what i find interesting is that its legal and prostitution is not! whats the difference if someone gets paid by a company to have sex on tv, or gets paid by a guy in a hotel? its all sex for money, only ones taxable!

Some will never learn. And the others will learn the hard way. This world consist of "sickies" and since we are aware of it we have to protect our children the best we can. Maybe there will be a future generation that will escape this nonsense.

Some people like it, and that is sufficient. The various evils which you cite have nothing whatever to do with it.

I think I answered your other question like this one. Again, I cannot agree with you more. It's disgusting that people can get off on these people, many of whom have been molested as child etc..! They have problems and I believe that suicide is much more prevalent in this industry. That tells you there, that the grass isn't always greener. SAD way to live.

considering how many people die of aids, suicide, car accidents, they are but a small fraction of total deaths in the usa

I am going to come out and say this and people will probably not agree with me but...

...I side with you. It's an industry that makes millions of dollars off of lustful desires and sexual fantasies that can be harmful. I've heard stories from ex-porn stars how they felt used by the industry and robbed them of their dignity.

There's a Christian anti-porn ministry called XXXChurch where they do outreach to those with porno addictions. Heck, they helped a former pornographer to get saved. They also work with former prostitutes/porn stars to help people get out of the industry. They actually go to porno conventions, set up booths and hand out FREE Bibles (this is controversial; some Christians like the idea and some don't). They also talk to the people that go there as well. XXXChurch also has a ministry called "Porn n' Pancakes" where they address the issue of porn addiction with churches and help Christians and non-Christians get out of that addiction. On their website, they have some awesome podcasts as well as a debate between the head pastor and porn star Ron Jeremy (on whether or not porn can harmful which some people in the porno industry have said so themselves).

Pornography is harmful and it should be avoided. They treat both men and women as sex objects rather than human beings. Unfortunately, it takes advantage of children and robs them of their innocence.

Porn will be here but we can avoid it by not associating with it. It's hard sometimes because the media is saturated in sex these days because sells. Whatever happened to leaving stuff to the imagination anyway? It really makes me sick sometimes.

Some people may call me prudish, puritan, or even genteel...and yes, I'm all three. I'd rather stay innocent than be perverted by this stuff in the media (TV, movies, Internet, etc).

HAHAHA... You are silly!

The porn industry is not glamorous at all... I agree with that. However, where are the stats that say more 'adult entertainers' have aids than, say, dentists or lawyers or teachers or administrative assistants? There are none. Besides that, 1 out of 3 american women are raped between the ages of 18 to 24. Some of them choose to become porn 'actresses' and some don't. A lot of people have been molested as children and a great deal of them are productive members of society and don't work in sexually charged environments. And there are porn stars that do not have STD's, do not do drugs and were not molested or raped, as children or otherwise.

If you think the lifestyle is sinister and the industry is un-entertaining, why are you wasting your time on it? Is it because you secretly like it and are trying to fight that part of you? Or is it because you want to draw attention to this pornstar address book you are shamelessly advertising?
One would think that if you despise such a thing you wouldn't post a link to an address book, but instead post something that was supporting your claim of the indecency of the industry. There are plenty of those websites.

it's what a human do when turn into an animal!i believe you.and what realy make me angry is seeing hundreds of poor innocent girls sell themself to rich bastards like Arabs(i realy hate Arabians)to protect their family.and they finally die of this kind of diseases.i completly believe you man.

Porn stars die young for the same reaosn rock stars die young - they live fast.
If you want to see an industry that really kills, look at organized religion.

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