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Is it really true Bayer gave people aids tainted drugs on purpose?

I heard this from a guy who also told me 911 was an inside job and that the moon landing was a hoax.

Couldnt happen anyways. the AIDs virus cant survive outside of the body, so they couldnt get it even if they did.

And its just blatantly not true anyways.

Is there any proof that happend? I doubt it.

this world is ran by greedy subhuman figures!
everything is centered around money!!
WTC-9 11 Honesty in a collaspe, "flaming jet fuel would still not cause the WHOLE building to collaspe!! Real Collaspes leave partial builds still erect! One word my boy,....demolition!
Question, How can a110 story building fall in 8 secs!!!????????

Petagon Thats a joke as well!! But The King is not Laughing! check out how rediculous this lie the good ol Gov. told us!

The Moon!! Oh boy where do I start?! How about trying to beat the Russians in the space race!? And one good questions why hasn't any one else went yet even the US?!?!

I can't help you if you believe just one person's illogical ranting. You are clearly very gullible.

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