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What chance do I have to go to college in the US?

Romanian student:
GPA: 98,1%
SAT Reasoning (predicted): 2200+
SAT Subject (predicted): Biology: 720, Physics:800, Math2c:750
3 years of guitar with a teacher
200+ community service hours in a Non-profit organization fighting against Drug Use
Member of the Environmental Club
Received awards at the National Physics Olympiad and also at some regional Math and Physics contest
My high-school does not rank its students but I am in the first 10%.
How much will the fact that my h.s. doesn't rank its students affect my college application?
How much does GPA for an international student matter knowing that the educational systems are different?
I will definitely apply for financial aid.

What are my chances to be admitted at the following colleges:

Johns Hopkins
Boston College
Carnegie Mellon
Suggest other colleges that I can be admitted at. (back-ups included)

I also want to go to med-school in the US after I get a bachelor degree at a college. If I go to a not-that-good college get all A's and high score at the MCAT what are the chances of getting into a top med-school like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Columbia or Yale?

Well I don't know the statistics, nor do I know good back ups, but I am a pre-med college student at the moment in the US so I can give you some insight. The medical schools you mentioned are tough to get in to....real tough. Sometimes not even a 4.0 GPA and a high MCAT score is enough. It's crazy here. The average GPA a student admitted into a med school here has is 3.8, so there are plenty of 4.0's and the average MCAT score is 32 (it's been raised) so you can shine there. Apply to the pre-med colleges that you listed, but just know that there is a chance you might not get in (although your chances seem very high). But when all is said and done, it doesn't matter what med school you go to, you come out as a doctor regardless, and don't believe that only Harvard, Columbia, and Yale will make you a good doctor because that's not true. So I'll give you the same advice that was told to me: aim high, but do not collapse when something goes wrong. I too wanted a 4.0 (I'm a sophomore now), and got 2 A-'s (which are different than A's at my college), so my GPA is 3.9 something. But I'm okay with it because I've been volunteering at a hospital, have been studying for the MCAT's, and trying to get close with my professors (remember they write your letter of recommendations). So I don't know if this helps, but it's some insight. Good luck.

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