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Can you die from taking an excessive amount of sleep aid (diphenhydramine) and a large alcohol intake?

My friend is an alcoholic and drinks nightly, a few hours ago he was rushed to the hospital after taking nearly a full box of Sleep Aid containing the drug Diphenhydramine. I know for a fact he was drinking excessively as I talked to him on the phone before hearing he was rushed to the hospital?

Is this fatal?

**** yeah it's potentially fatal. Not only could you stop breathing naturally, but you wouldn't be able to throw up with that much diphenhydramine. There are a myriad of other issues, but those are the big ones. The only good news is that he should be more or less okay if he was treated in time.

Absolutely. Drugs and Alcohol are a lethal combination. Look no further than Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix, Janis Joplin..... it doesn't matter if it's Tylenol; my brother-in-law died from just taking too much Tylenol. (He had gallstones and didn't know it, and died from pancreatitis) Even mild sleep inducers have a warning not to take with alcohol. The problem with drinking excessively is that your logic disappears. I've gotten a bit 'tipsy' and ended up taking my medications twice because I forgot I had taken them when I got home and took them again before bed. I slept for 17 hours and felt groggy for days. Let's hope this is a wake up call for your friend.

Well yes not only can he get alcohol poisoning but if he keeps it up it can effect his liver. He is definitely walking on thin ice. you should talk to your friend before it's too late. Taking too many sleep meds even apart from the alcohol can be deadly but mixing those too bad bad choice. Check on him to see if he's alright soon. Hope your friends alright.

It could be or possibly cause long term brain damage.

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