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Should I just fail or drop my class?

I took a government class this semester in college with a couple of friends, but I just read of my progress in the class being so poor that I've been suggested to drop. The thing is I'm on probation with my school to recieve finacial aid support, so if I fail I won't be able to keep attending my school. I can easliy get into another school with this support, and I'm considering I would rather do that anyways, yet I'm still hoping to get ahead and pass the class.

The question is will it effect my 4.0 GPA by much to fail, or would dropping help me maintain that still while applying to another school? I don't really want to drop it because I was homeschooled and never had the proper schooling on the subject and would like to be more prepeared next time, but if its a better solution to drop then why? I would greatly appreciate any information someone may be able to provided me with to help my descion....


First of all talk to your Financial Aid Advisor and your teacher. The teacher might be willing to give you a withdrawal instead of a drop so that it doesn't affect your grade point average. While I was attending college I had a family emergency and failed a class. I spoke with the Dean and she arranged for the teacher and I to talk and the teacher changed my grade to a W. It didn't affect my grade point average and it didn't affect my financial aid either.

Every school has different rules though so be sure to speak with your financial aid officer and your teacher and your Dean if you can believe it or not they are there to help.

I think you should drop the class if you think you will fail. Getting a F in a class will drop you 4.0 GPA. Plus the F will stay on your transcript for ever, even if you transfer to another school.

Id say drop. 4.0 gpa is nothing to play around with. If you were going to get a B then I would say stick it out, but a failing grade? I don't think so. One withdrawal on your transcripts wont make to much of a difference, but the decrease in GPA, I think that would be more of a negative factor.

In my first few semesters of college, I didn't like the instructor in an English class & so I just quit going & never dropped. That earned me a failing grade in the class & that has haunted me on my overall GPA ever since. My advice is that if there is any way for you to avoid the failing grade in your transcript, that is the way to go. You should be able to check with an academic advisor at your specific college to get more detailed advice concerning your school's policy and the impact on your GPA of your options.

Does dropping affect your GPA? If not, drop the class. Lowered GPAs will affect you for the rest of your schooling, no matter what college you go to because your transcript will follow you. And your GPA can be a big factor in who an employer hires first. If you really want to know more about the subject, try researching it on the internet before you take the class again.

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