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How is an infected person's life affected by AIDS? How does AIDS affect the body?

I need some AIDS information. If you know a good site, that's fine, too. If you know the answers, you can post it but with a source. Thanks!

Theare are some great sites for lots of medical information. Good luck.

well, AIDS basically kills your immune system little by little. It's easier for you to get sick, and when you are sick, it's harder to get healthy because your immune system is too weak to fight off infections and germs, and diseases. You don't die from having AIDS, you die from getting a cold while you have AIDS.

Look up aids on google, I'm sure there's plenty of good information there.
My aunt died of AIDS (although not AIDS exactly, but a cold she got when the virus had progressed) and there's nothing really that I can add to things I usually read in literature about AIDS. It's a debilitating virus that saps you of energy and will ultimately kill you.

AIDS takes over the production of white blood cells making numberous copies of itself tat mutate in order to avoid being killed by the remaining white blood cells. i makes your body immune system-less. there for AIDS doesnt actually kill you any virus or cold you after you read AIDS does because your boday cannot fight the infection. AIDS is when your body has a white blood cell count of around 100. if its higher then that you have HIV.

I know someone with it and he's doing really well now, 10 years or so after contracting it. But it is an uphill battle for him...taking meds as prescribed and frequent doctor appointments (a specialist at a large Medical School). But he works every day, looks healthy and rarely calls out sick.

aids..stands for aquired immune deficency syndrome. it kills the immune system, making a person prone to catching every little virus that comes around.

A person's life is greatly affected by AIDS, whether that person is actually feeling ill or not. It affects sexual behavior, nutrition, sleep patterns, body shape and size, etc., not to mention social functioning. Some people are able to live healthy, longer lives with an AIDS diagnosis, others can't. Some good websites are,,, Google AIDS also, I'm sure you'll come up with alot.

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