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Financial aid &VA education benefits,...?

I plan to attend college this fall. And I have a few questions about financial aid and so forth.

I'm a 'disabled' veteran. I was medically discharged from the military due to a fractured back. Anyway,.
I am being awarded VA education benefits under Chapter 30. I'm recieving roughly 800 dollars a month for 6 months.

How will this affect my financial aid?

The VA benefits will last a little over a semester. If I don't qualify for the pell grant due to this, will I qualify for the following semester? Can it be split up like that?

I didn't need my parents' tax information for the FAFSA information because I'm a veteran. So my EFC is a little over 4000. Will I qualify for the pell grant even?

Also. My FAFSA report states that I might qualify for the Academic Competitiveness Grant. What exactly is that?


Okay, VA benefits and Financial Aid in combo is complicated, so you really need to check with your Financial Aid Counselor at the school where you plan to attend.

That being said, Veteran's benefits do not affect Pell grant. You are close to the Pell cut off, so you might get a small Pell grant....hard to say. If your income in 2008 is significantly lower than your income in 2007, you can ask your Financial Aid Counselor to take that into consideration, and you might get a larger Pell Grant.

Veteran's benefits do affect the other types of aid, so again, talk to your FA Counselor to see what's the best thing to do in your particular situation.

The Academic Competiveness Grant is a special grant for first and second year students who have done very well academically. You will need to provide your high school transcripts to either the admissions office (if you haven't already) or the Financial Aid Office, depending upon who determines eligibility for this particular grant.

Good luck to you!

Yes you can get the extra money. Go to the American Legion and ask for a service Rep. They are trained to help. Good luck and thanks for your fine service.

Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG):
Grant: does not have to be repaid
For undergraduates receiving Pell Grants who are U.S. citizens enrolled full-time in their first or second academic year* of study.
For first academic year* students who have completed a rigorous secondary school program of study, graduated from high school after Jan. 1, 2006, and have not been
previously enrolled in an undergraduate program. First academic year* students: up to $750.00

You said you got your "fafsa report". I'm assuming this is your SAR (student aid report). It will tell you... (if you read it all the way to the end), if you qualify for a Pell grant. Something like, "Based on the information, and if all the information is correct you will -or will not- be eligible for a federal Pell grant".

Generally folks who's EFC's are above "around" 4000 are not eligible for Pell grants. If you are not eligible for the Pell, then you will not be eligible for the Academic com. Grant. (see above).

Pell grants and fin aid benefits are calculated on a yearly basis. So if your SAR indicates you are not eligible for the Pell now, you will not be eligible for it in the spring regardless of you receiving VA benefits or not.

I would encourage you to read through the SAR to be sure your answer to question number 46 and 47 are correct:

If you receive veterans鈥?education benefits, for how many months from July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009, will you receive these benefits? Use 01 to 12. (Q46)
What is the amount of your monthly veterans鈥?education benefits? (Q47)

It sounds like you might need to make sure this info is right....

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