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Would my live in girlfriend count towards my household size?

I recently bought a house and my girlfriend moved in with me soon after. She is 20 and her parents dont claim her on their taxes. I Just turned 23 so I no longer need my parents income information which should qualify me for some aid possibly. She works but only part time and does not make enough to put towards bills and such so would she count towards my household size?

This is in regards to FAFSA not Taxes

No, you can not claim her on your taxes even if you are living together. However, if you were to get married then you could legally increase your household size and claim her as a dependent on your taxes.

BTW, since her parents no longer claim her, she will need to file her own taxes for 2008.

If she lives in your house she would count towards your household size. If you have lived together for 3 months or more, she would count as your common-law wife

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