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How to write a rebuttal for a debate?

How do I write a rebuttal for my debate. My topic is fairly easy its about protecting the environment and making it a condition of aid. But how do I pre write a rebuttal for my debate? Can it include new information? Any help would be great thanks!

In any pre-written rebuttal, its always important to predict what your opponent might say. Ask yourself, what would be the most obvious argument for the opposing side?

In your case for example, your opponent might argue that the environment is important and that countries who destroy it do not deserve aid and withholding aid is a way to make them change their ways.

You can rebut this by saying that the reason why some developing countries have such bad environmental records is that they have little money to spend on protecting it or their industries heavily rely on trees for example. You then say that giving them aid in order for them to develop into 1st world countries in the future will in fact help them become less dependent on environmentally destructive methods and instead move on to more high tech industries that do not require logging or too much pollution.

Also remember to include pertinent information such as statistics and facts to support your rebuttal and always remember to sound logical and convincing.

Lastly, DO NOT rebut for too long as it will take time away for your arguments. A rebuttal is only a way to respond or counter what your opponent says but WILL NOT win you the debate.

Hope you do really great though! :D

You need to anticipate the response of the opposing side. Try to look at your position from the opposite point of view and look for weak spots in your argument, then work on trying to counter them.


YOU: The US currently withholds aid to African countries that use DDT to control their mosquito populations. DDT, when it gets into the food chain, can harm wildlife by poisoning fishes that are then eaten by birds who chicks die because of softened egg shells...etc. etc.

YOUR OPPONENT: Equatorial nations in Africa continue to be ravaged by malaria, a disease carried by mosquitoes. Many African lives could easily be saved by allowing African nations to use DDT. During WWII, US forces applied large amounts of DDT on Taiwan, and no human beings got sick - in fact, many lives were saved because malaria-carrying mosquitoes disappeared for three years.

YOU: ???

Good luck!

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