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Hav NE slogans 4 preventing communicable disease? (it means contagious like measles)?

i've come up wid 3 and my friend gave me 1

like: stop d sneeze...prevent disease
a missile of prevention leads to a measles less nation
stay clean... get d vaccine
b prepared and b spared from communicable disease

stuff like dat

can b about measles, smallpox, chickenpox, AIDS or anythin

it has 2 b orig (original)

Don't just have the talks-get vaccinated against the pox.
AIDS...Against Immune Disease Spread
Don't be a weasel-get vaccinated for the measles.
Be smart, a vaccine's a great start!
It will be okay, get vaccinated today!

A little stick means you won't get sick.
Please, don't spread disease! Get your vaccines today!
Don't be a chicken, get the vaccine and you won't be stricken.
Don't be stubborn like an ox, get vaccinated against the pox.

Hope this helps-this is all I could think of!

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