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How can we prevent the AIDS tragity among youth?

Hi! I am a university student that is doing a project on the effects and prevention of AIDS among youth today. Thank You

Education, education, education. However, all the talking heads in the world are still not likely to make an impression on the perception of invincibility in our youth. One of the most effective means of getting your message across is to contact your local HIV/AIDS support organizations to see if there are any educators with HIV/AIDS that can come talk to your target group. And I don't mean just older (adult) HIV positive individuals. If you can get a young, positive, education advocate the message may actually hit home. People tend to connect with individuals that they perceive as their peers. I frequently volunteer to speak with students at the community college where I work to try and give them a realistic understanding of what this disease can do to you and your loved ones. As I am only 36, the message seems to get across to a good portion of them.

Todd (AIDS - positive since 2004)

how about safe sex, like prolific use of condoms, right? also, the practice of abstinence and/or same sex partner.

Education...Reduce promiscuity..

Education about the ways in which the virus is transmitted is vital and I believe this should be done in school. Kids are sexually active very early these days. Thats not going to stop so at least protect their health by promoting the use of condoms.

knowledge and the will to educate

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