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Who removed the thorn from the lions paw in the bible?

I did a little research and came up with st Jerome. But whom I'M looking for is the Christan who was thrown to the Lions in the arena and the loin remembered him and spared him. ST Jerome the lion became his companion after administering first aid. IT might be Daniel but I'm not sure.

Nobody removed a thorn from a lion`s paw in the bible. I think you are confusing that with the story of "Androcles and the Lion". St, Jerome according to Catholic lore did, but it isn`t in the bible.

PS....In answer to the post below. Daniel was indeed cast into the lion`s den, but the lord closed their mouths. It had nothing to do with the lions paw.

St. Jerome of the bible discovered a thorn in a lion's paw and promptly removed it. Soon afterwards, he became a cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.


I seem to remember it was Daniel, since he was thrown in the lions den, and the lions ignored him, I remember thinking it was because one of them was the lion with the sore paw. Granted, I was a kid, but I still believe it was Daniel. Maybe we should read the Book?

I believe you are mixing up your stories.

The story of which you speak originated as a fable of Aesop--the Slave and the Lion (1). A slave pulls the thorn from the lion, whereby he is later spared by the lion in the arena.

Other versions of the story exists: Adrocles and the Lion (Joseph Jacobs) and Of the Remembrance of Benefits from "Gesta Romanorum". I would not doubt that the story has been adapted and told from the perspective of a Christian, but its origins lie with Aesop.

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