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Are red spots in your stool caused by drinking too much Kool-Aid?

I know most people are a little touchy about this subject, but I did my research and I can't find anything that sounds too similar to my problem. I'm 19 years old. An hour ago I went to the bathroom and I found bright red spots on my stool. It didn't hurt, and it came out normal.

I was trying to figure out why did this happen and the only thing I could come up with was that I have been drinking a lot of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid. I thought it might be the dye in it (Red 40, Blue 1). But I am not too sure, but it didn't even look too much like real blood...but it might've been. I don't know.

When I drink it, whatever is left in the glass after the juice is gone, the sugar-y gooey-ness from the powder when you mix it, I eat it too. So maybe it's that? I don't know. I'm worried. I haven't had any health issues about this. I'm, unfortunately, quite a hypochondriac. I have spoken with my mother and she said if it happened again I will see a doctor.

I don't check my stool regularly, hahaha. I just happened to noticed something red when I was flushin it.

I am considering other things I ate, but I can't really think of anything of that color, really. I don't get any sharp pains before I go or anything of the sort. I just have a feeling of going to the bathroom.

Either way, any other answer would be greatly appreciated. And thanks to everyone for helping out.

More than likely it's in your diet (kool-aid). Try not drinking the kool-aid and see if it subsides. I know my 4-year old gets weird colored stools when he drinks kool-aid, usually grape is his favorite flavor though. It usually turns a blue-ish-green.

i would say that it could be a number of things from your diet. not just the kool-aid

any time you find blood in your stool, you should tell your doctor. You could have internal bleeding or something else causing the red spots. It isn't the kool-aid. It could also be undigested food. consider what you ate the night before. But by all means, see your doctor.

err.....never hearda that one

you probably have a leetle thing called an anal doesnt necessarily have to hurt...itll fix itself up tho

its kindA common and happens particularly in young no, i don't think mr.kool is tryin to make ur poop red

have fun with those bowel movements of urs!

and here buddy...when u dont know what the hell is goin on w/ urself:

by the sound of this,your a little too concerned with your internal health.Do you always examine your stools?
If i were you id would pay less attention,ignore it unless it hurts

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