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Multipule choice questions help?

Eating breakfast helps to promote faster transmission across ___ between axons and dendrites, which are responsible for greater memory skills.

Water aids in
Transporting nutrients
All of the above

Research shows that increasing water intake will:
increase fat deposits
decrease fat deposits
maintain fat deposits
have no effect on fat deposits

What is the only nutrient you can鈥檛 live without?

To get rid of excess water, one has to consume more water.

Skipping breakfast will:
help you lose weight
increase your chance of missing daily nutrient requirements
lower your cholesterol
none of the above

all of the above
have no effect on fat deposits
increase chance of nutrients

I know all the answers but will give you two, try looking up the rest with wikipedia

water aids in "all of the above"
skipping breakfast will-increase your chance of missing daily nutrient requirments

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