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Do you believe what the bible says about homosexuals,what are your point of views of homosexuality?

I think homosexuality is something that is just part of life and nothing can be done about it,I have seen gay couples in public,me myself am gay and I am proud of who I was always mean to be,this is not something that I decided to do just because I know it;s fun,I didn't wake up and decide to turn my life around(as my mom thinks but she will never understand the kinds of feelings that I have) me myself have my douts on what the bible says about that,me myself wish I could pick up the phone and call God and talk to him all about homosexuality and things.......
I have no problem with homosexuality,I don't care what people say to me about that,I am an adult I have that right to have my beliefs,I don't have AIDS or anything like that.
I read that homosexuality is something that isn't a choice,I am going to have to do more research on that.

there are things other gay men do that I don't and will never do.

the bible is over-rated. many men who re-did the bible put many things in it that they thought would be good for them. one of those things are about God and homosexuals. certain unclear passages came to be written because of the freedom that the Greek culture had upon society. The Greet and Roman culture were very free with same sex especially among men. people need to remember....history and myth are always written by the victors. Christianity won and common sense went right out the window. i wonder what Socrates would think about if questioned about his homosexual life style and what role if any the bible plays in his life.
as far as choosing to be gay or straight, i think some people are born gay as they are born straight. i was born gay. there was never a middle ground for me. other people chose to be gay out of love they found with the same sex. which means our society is evolving and letting their hearts chose who they love instead of what popular society says or what a certain religious myth dictates

The bible was written hundred of years ago.Don't you think it's absolutely normal for the human brain to evolve from the social point of view in such a long time?Homosexuals are not children of Satan.Most of them are probably better and more in touch with their spiritual side than those who discriminate them on a religious matter.

It wrong because it serves no purpose (loves bs) life is about survival and replication and the bible stands to keep the balance of nature.

Reasons for being Gay or bisexuals or Trannie
1. Confused
2. Young
3. Really ugly or fat
4. So called atheist
5. Your a sheep and following the gay "trend"
6. Mentally disturbed

I believe the bible is vague on the subject of homosexuality.
I don't believe that it's a choice and no one should be condemn for something that they can't help.

I totally believe what the Bible says about homosexuality. What I DON'T believe is what 'fundamental' Christians say the Bible says about homosexuality. To me they are 2 different things.

I'm not Gay, I'm Trans so the Bible doesn't really have a lot to say about me. I like this site about Homosexuality and the Bible,

The bible says it's wrong. It's that simple. American culture may say it's OK, but it's just another sin.

Hey Saint Nick.

Personally, I don't believe in the bible, so I believe that it's wrong (what it says about homosexuals). I think homosexuals are people who have the amazing ability of falling in love with another human being, just like straight people and bisexuals. Labels shouldn't be necessary, because it's really just loving another human being.

If you want more information on the latest "discoveries" of what makes people gay, I have included a list of links below. I'm glad that you've been able to come to terms with yourself, and hopefully your mom will understand one day. All of us homosexuals know that it isn't a choice.

Enjoy reading the links and I hope that they can help you on your quest for more knowledge on the matter =)

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