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How do I not feel alone?

I'm in the 8th grade. I love all of my teachers but their work is just stupid and confusing. I just missed a whole week of school because I had the flu and when I came back on Friday, I had a crap load of make-up work. I stayed after school that day to get help with the algebra work so I could do it all over the weekend. I finished it and I still have make-up work to do from other classes but algebra homework is just so weird and I have to write a research paper over the history of photography in digital photography class that is due Thursday, and I don't get anytime extra time which sucks because I missed the whole week that they started it. I don't think its very fair because I'm always wanting to go to school so that I'm never behind, but life is not fair. Its now like 10:30 and I still have home work and my parents are asleep but when they go to sleep and I still have home work, I tend to have a feeling of loneliness. I thinks its weird but then i think about how hectic my life is at this moment it get worse. I'm in band and I made 1st chair 1st band on trombone at all-region and I feel like my band directors and people from high school and the high school band directors expect a lot of me and I know they do so I'm constantly practicing, to stay the best I can, before school for about 20 minutes and during band and during my aid period and after school for over an hour then at night time at my house from 9 to about 10. Now Friday I have Solo and Ensemble but its starting to be a little too much right now between homework and band which is sort of okay since I'm used to stress, but at night time when my house becomes quite and dark, and when i have home work to do, I get depressed and it makes me sick and makes me feel helpless and swamped with stuff to do. How can I not feel depressed and alone at night time? And also not have any stress? I would like to become stress-free because kids should not have to be stressed-out. Thanks a-million!

By the way, Band it mainly what I go to school for and if someone was to tell me to move to 2nd band, I would probably take it as an insult. I'm really good and I would like to become a band director one day, so telling me to quit band or move to an easier one is out of the question. I LOVE BAND!!!, and it's not that I can't handle the pressure I just don't like being stressed out over something that I know have in the bag. I know that it doesn't really make sense and I know other people have worse. I just feel like I'm by myself and no one really knows what i'm going through with all this work at school and I think I'm the only person that tries hard at completing my work and making sure it accurate. Other kids don't care if they fail their work but when I do, I become stressed-out over it and I try to tell myself that it doesn't matter because I'll be able to bring my grade back up. All I'm trying to say is that it is stressing me out striving to be the best student I can be.

I can totally relate to what your saying because I am the same way a lot of times, but I'm happy to say it gets better! I have a crazy hectic schedule too but I always find downtime for me. You have to have that in your life or you will go crazy. I understand you being stressed out about school, but don't worry about it. Just do the best you can and forget about it. Ten years from now, I can guarantee you that you won't care what grade you got on a history of digital photography research paper. Just try to plan out your time so you can get as much done as possible, and that's all you can ask of yourself. But no matter what you need time to de-stress. Write down what your feeling in a journal or on a piece of paper and throw it away, essentially "throwing away your worries".
Breathe, relax, and don't worry so much. Life's too short!
Good luck! :)

Haha, trust me you are NOT alone, my friend ;). Welcome to a teenager's life. Right now, at this very moment.....a am.....PROCRASTINATING!!! Which i will soon....very soon...regret. But every teen's life is frustrating. I get the same feeling. Of isolation, loneliness, emptiness. But just know that you are not alone. What helps me is to listen to some music or turn on the t.v just to get the feeling that you have something else there, i guess. Haha, but it's okay, just know that you gotta do what you gotta do. It's all worth it. And in 4 1/2 months, school will be over and you will be glad that all the work will be done and you can finally rest and actaully be bored :D

Welcome to pre-highschool my friend. Your life is not bad,just hectic.
Im only two years older than you so dont take this like an adult preaching to you. You missed school-you have to pay for it. Whilst it wasnt your fault is what it is.

Band...I'm in a band to. A diffrent one and genre but a band nonetheless if you cannot meet the requirements easily then honestly are you in the position to be there? Yes...but do you deserve said position if you are stressed over it? No...go to where there is less work and sort out your life.

Listen. I was HATED in school for NO good reasons until eight grade. Someone ALWAYS has it worse kid. So chin up. Work hard things get easier. Best of luck.

That's life you know, people are usually allot busier than that in their daily schedules for work and other commitments, you may need to talk to your teacher about the amount of homework you have and perhaps make some sort of arrangement to ease the level of work you have to do, people expect allot of from you well, it sounds to me you have too much for to little time, talk to your parents or your teachers about it.

Arrange around it, or you could re arrange your schedule sounds to me you could cut back on a few of those activities, people don't realize how much they've put on someone until they crack from pressure.

Better to tell someone about this before it gets out of hand.

You are just realizing what life is about, people have alot more busier schedules than you and they still find time.

So think about that..

Don't think of it as a never ending experience, do your hardest until you are all caught up, and things will be back to normal. You won't even remember you were this swamped when it's all said and done. :-)

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