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Why do young girls have sex and throw virginity out the door.?

does this mean they have no self respect or do they think its cool to screw every tom ,dick and they think they can't get aids or other sids.I am doing some research for my thesis and I need some honest answers what's up with that girls.Why do you let men in your holy shrine before you get married with a committment

Because most of us "young" girls are slutty horny bitches. I not i'm still a virgin. But most girls lose there virginity because they think it's cool too lose and they don't want to do it wrong when there married. They think it impresses a guy when you not a virgin. But their wrong the right guys rather have them save themselves. But horny guys don't they don't care. When they lose their virginity they are either in love with the guy and the loves them. Or the girl loves the guy but the guy is a player. There's your answer.

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There has been and continue to be a lot of debate over when a girl should lose her virginity. The answers vary and depend on two main important factors, ethnic background and religion. Having sex at a young age does automatically qualify someone as a whore. But I do think that some girls get at it too young. So it's the responsibility of a parent or a guardian to education their daughters about sex and consequences if some precautions aren't taken. However, no matter how much it said and written about when someone loses their virginity, it's really up to that person to decide and since girls don't have virgin or non virgin tattooed on their faces, we just need to respect whatever decision they make about sex.

Well, different people have different opinions on sex. Some people just don't take it seriously and have fun doing it with different people. Not everyone is religious like you, so you should also take that into consideration. I'm waiting to loose my virginity until I know that I completely love and trust the person, but I'm NOT waiting for marriage, because I'm not a strong Catholic.

As for little girls, going out, having sex with tons of boys, with no cares...they are weak and unintelligent human beings. They let their sexual urges control their body as opposed to their mind. They don't think it matters. But who can really predict why all girls do this? Some may have a past traumatic issue or be incredibly self-conscious. Overall I think it's that they let their sexual urges take over.

They think sex will buy them love and acceptance. After that, they may learn to enjoy it and develop a bad habit of using it recreationally.

The abortion industry supports it through the schools. Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion supporter there is. There is a lot of money to be made in getting the young to have sexual activity before they have the maturity to be responsible for themselves.

One example close to home, and a product of public schools is a neighbor, just turned 13 not long ago. Pregnant. Another welfare check coming into their house. Yes, you can guess what kind of parents she has.


Okay there might be countless reasos, but i think the most important one is the society and media that makes it look okay or even more than okay to have sex in your teenage years. Think of movies of the "American Pie" type, and many rap songs. Also, many girls feel physically ready, and do not REALIZE that they are not mentally ready. At a young age they are not the wisest people who consider and ponder their decisionst and many are pretty vulnerable. I don't think they are THAT much to blame...Only I hope that they grow up fast and notice that what they are doing is harmful in many ways.

I'm 15 and I had sex with my boyfriend because we have been dating for a year and have plans for college, marriage and our lives. I can't remember what it was like before I met him.

People always think, its so stupid for girls to have sex when they're so young with some guy. but arent there people who date for two to three months, get married, and have sex? and arent there people who marry just to have sex? write your thesis on them!

Marriage isnt the only commitment out there. and it fails as many times as it succeeds.

Let me ask you something,
If two adults (mid 30s) marry and have sex but then divorce after they have a young child, is it any different then a teenage girl having sex with her boyfriend who truly loves her then breaking up?

or hey, what if it actually works out and they get married?
would the sex stil have been wrong because they didnt necessarily know they would stay together? Marriage doesnt mean commitment.

if someone commits they can always pull out. it never means they truly know for a fact.

so put that in your thesis and get the **** of your high horse.

I'm 14 and I'm still a virgin though I am thinking of having sex really soon with this guy. Most girls dont think of their virginity as being some sacred gift or anything. I personally think that i should give it to someone I am in love with and I am not making this decision lightly i have been with this guy for 2 years. And in actuallity not as many girls are having sex as you think. And I mean we kinda think we are ready at least physically ready. But you have to be ready to handle the responsibliities of sex.
And why do people always ask about girls having sex but not guys??????? They do it too!

Your vagina is not a holy shrine. I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you. Young girls and boys should not be having sex, but virginity is not the end-all, be-all of your life. Yes, it's important to respect oneself and to protect yourself from the dangers of promiscuous sex, but don't get that mixed up and entangled with religion.

I think to be equal with males. I think the message of sexual prowessness got mixed in with the women's movement. I guess people assumed that if females want access to legal birth control and abortions that means that females would also accept what we have everywhere. If anyone believes that young kids and adults are not affected by the media they are naive. The media is pervasive and persuasive when you don't have any life experience.

well, maybe that they think it's cool to have sex before marriage. teenage nowadays even make a bet or a competition to see how many guys have sex with them and thinks that they are more attractive if more guys with them in bed...

and some just want to try, want to feel how it's feel having sex.. like all the porn movies on internet... and then they just become addictive... wanted more and more....

and some just simply forced or needed to....

well, i think that all stupid because you just ruined yourself doing that. and i am a teenage girl myself... growing with spoiled friends and environment...

hope it helped... good luck~

some girl do it cause they think there perfect guy is the one there dating (and secretly all the guy is doing is be his best because he wants in her pants) some girls do it because there friends have lost it and they want to lose it too to fit in better.
some girls may just want to lose it then and there!!!!!

for my friend she gave up her virginity cuz she believed the lines the guy was telling her, how she wasn't just another girl to him and blah blah blah, it didn't matter to her that he had a gf who was about to burst out a baby any day, but cuz he showed her attention she gave it up to him, now she is still alone and he is still with his gf... :-/

That's exactly right, and that's what even I have been thinking about. They seem so open and have every guy let their virginity out and it is not right. They take the use of virginity for granted. Maybe to make relationship more strong or something?

For me and some of my friends, It's the same general situation.
Neither of us actually had a chance to /give/ it to anyone.
It was taken from us.
And after that it just didn't feel as important and it feels like you're worthless.
I know this can't vouch for everybody, but people I know understand.
That's one of the reasons that they're really good friends with me, we've been through the same situations.

some girls do it to get attention cuz they have family problems, cuz if a girl anit getting attention or love or care from their family and then a boy starts giving them that attention they going to lock on to the boy and do everything that he wants to do.Some girls are stupid and gulible. and some girls are just whores and think they are hott ****

personally i dont screw every tom dick or harry but if i were to then for me it would be because i dont feel loved i know oldest line in the book but really all anyone wants is to be loved and i would give into that and also i wouldnt want to loose my bf so thats another reason, so inless words pressure

why dont u ask the same question about guys? oh cos its ok for them to screw everyone but girls who do are just sl*ts, is that what your saying? i dont like your double standards and FYI i dont think its cool when anyone sleeps around no matter what their gender

Well, nowadays, to be a virgin until marriage isn't very common.
There are not many girls who would save their first time until marriage, and it could be because of pressure from their boyfriends, or the media.

ok well having sex is fun is it not? y not have it as much as you want.. its like pie.. do you like pie? who doesn't? y not have as much as possible.. ****..... virginity is over rated.. its unethical 2 wait now.. atleast at this time and age..

Virginity is of absolutely no importance. Getting married without knowing if you are 100% compatible with your partner (including sexual compatibility) is retarded. There's nothing wrong with sex and your puritan values are thankfully getting left behind.

media like films i.e american pie. it's putting pressure on them to do it. also peer presure and being taught it a young age.

I believe you should wait, but im in highschool and the word Love just seems to have no meaning to anyone they think if they have sex it proves they love eachother.

My friend is losing her virginity tonight, her dad even gave her a condom, we tell her not to do it but she won't listen.

I can't actually believe you just said 'holy shrine' that's hilarious!

If young girls are having sex this year, I'm afraid to see whats going to happen on 2024. Our world is crazy.

They don't love them self and they be looking for love in all the wrong places. Stay bless !

Society has told them it is okay. And they believe them. I am waiting and my boyfriend is waiting with me. We want it to be extra special.

because the media says its ok and sex is everywhere that it seems normal to just do it

because few women have honor today.

I have yet to lose mine and I'm alost 20/ I'm a guy! My goal is to lost it soon.

because i LOVE sex and it makes me feel great!

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