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Im curious if you had to choose just one?

to donate too which would it be?

Cancer Society or AIDS research

mini--least favorite jolly rancher flavor

I'll do both. But if I had to choose, then AIDS, I think. At least some strain of cancer can be cured and can be removed if you already get an early warning. While, AIDS, once it gets to you, even if it's still early, would still get to you.

I would donate to Cancer Society. I have so many family members with Cancer. Also, AIDS is more preventable than cancer. AIDS cases could go down with proper education. Yes, there are things you can do to prevent some types of cancer - but it also has genetic causes - so you could develop cancer no matter how cautious you are.

Least favorite jolly rancher flavor: Blue Raspberry. It tastes awful, turns your mouth a weird color, and there are always so many in the bag!

It wouldn't be an easy decision. Both diseases are popular and have high death rates. I would like to split the donation money in half and give to both, but according to the question I can only choose one. :(

Today, two out of three people survive from cancer. Plus, curing cancer is already a huge cause. There are many associations and a lot of doctors who specialize in cancer. People are really pushing for it, but you don't see this for people with AIDS. I could donate to cancer and push a huge cause or help AIDS research get its feet off the ground.

I think I would choose to donate to AIDS. Cancer societies are already glorified and have somewhat of a cure. AIDS doesn't. Everyone who has AIDS dies from it.

Uh.. Cancer society if it's helping to cure cancer.

But if it's just to give to the families them AIDS research..

Cancer is a bigger health defect so we'd be killing more birds with one stone..

MP: Out of the original flavors, grape.. But there is one I abhor more in the other flavors..

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The cancer society... AIDS research has been going on for so so long and still havent had any breakthru... Cancer is there and killing people and there really are cures and kemo for this, so I want my money going to save peoples lives... Being that they DO have the technology to do so.

Wow....this hits home...but oddly enough....I would donate to the Cancer Society IF I had to choose one. Far too many people are losing their is all around me. It isn't anyone I personally know per say. But a lot of my friends have loved ones that are suffering and/or have died from Cancer. It is heartbreaking to see....

Donating to either one of these things is great! So I would encourage it...:)

AIDS. I don't really have a reason to choose either, so I chose the one that seems worse. When people are dying of cancer they usually don't get shunned and not wanted to do things like go in public pools or use pulic bathrooms.

I think cherry.

it is a tough one, but I would donate to the Cancer Society because usually AIDS is contracted from unprotected sex and therefore can be suppressed more easily. Cancer on the other hand can seemingly affect people at random, so I would put money there

mini: green apple -_-

That's a tough one, but I think I'd have to choose the Cancer Society. Cancer took my grandmother from me and my father, and I'd do anything to get her back for us both, and the rest of our family.

Mini: Watermelon. Yuckk.

I would donate to AIDS research all the way. There are a lot of people dying from cancer, but AIDS to me is worse.

And my least favorite is defiantly watermelon.

I would say both cuz these are terrible diseases but if I had to pik one it would be Cancer. My GF says AIDS.
My least favorite- grape
My GF least favorite-grape also

Cancer Society - only because I don't personally know someone with AIDS, although the AIDS epidemic is really bad in some countries.

Green apple for sure.

AIDS research

Mini--------> purple. (that sounds soooo anti LGBT!)

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I would donate to the cancer society if I had to chose one. AIDS sucks but cancer is worse.

Cancer research, mainly 'cause I have a few relatives who've died from cancer.

I have no earthly idea what jolly ranchers are lol.



Aids because cancer can sometimes be cured.

Blue rasberry


I would donate to both... Notice you said "IF" not "ONLY"

Mini: I like cherry

I would donate to both. And I do not like Jolly Ranchers.

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