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My left hand suddenly became red from the wrist down. No swelling. No insect bite. No itching. What is it?

Went to First Aid. Checked vitals. All was OK. They said it may be an allergic reaction but odd that it was so localized. My doctor also said this was very odd. Does anyone know what this could be? I am not taking any medications. No new surroundings. Ate at a Chinese restaurant at lunch. Could this be an allergy to something? It's still red (no other pain or symptom) after 6 hours.

Just red, with no other symptoms? That is bizarre (MD here). Gotta suspect something vascular as the primary cause, but can't tell much given that we know nothing of your broader history (immediate and past).

Good luck. If any redness begins to spread upward towards the armpit, especially if there are streaks of red going up your arm, and particularly if you develop a fever, then get your behind to your doc or your local ER, OK?

did you stick your hand in a bucket of paint?

your doctor or G.P should be able to keep you fully informed on that so if they cant i suggest you change to different ones.

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