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What are the early symptoms of an AIDS victim?

What are the early symptoms of an AIDS victim?

Frequent flus, mild body aches, growth of hair like structures on the tongue.

there aren't really early symtoms. But throat and mouth sores are a recurring theme during an aids patient's illness - or at least when HIV becomes aids. Aids isn't a sickness itself - it's a shut down of the immune system. So really it's just that other sicknesses come in and take advantage of an unprotected immune system. So the symptoms are very varied.

1. swollen lymph nodes
2. regular fever weakens the immune system.

usually infections that people with cancer/depressed immune systems only get.

Flu-like symptoms when the virus is first contracted. When becoming symptomatic (changing from HIV positive to AIDS) most likely weight loss and night sweats, but also an increasing stream of small illnesses that are hard to fight off as the immune system starts to collapse.

As above.

theres no early symptoms.....AIDS is the end part of the virus HIV....means...that your immune system collapse and cannot protect your body from a common cannot get rid of simple colds.....cough....diarrhea!!!!! and you will die eventually...

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