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How Should I Care For an Abscess on my Boston Terrier's buttock? (serious answers please!)

I have an 11 yo Boston Terrier whose scent glands by his tail get and abscess every couple of years that opens up. Right now, he has an open sore, approx. 1/2 inch across, that is draining a bit of tan fluid. The last time this happened, I just cleaned it with peroxide and kept a band-aid on it until it healed, which it did with no problem. I am treating it the same way this time, as I really can't afford to run to the vet for something like this right now. Does anyone have any other suggestions? He is acting completely normal and has no other symptoms.

First don't bandage as you want all the "nasties" to drain out. Keep the area clean. Use a tamed iodine solution instead of peroxide to promote faster healing, Keep your dog from licking/chewing the area. Learn to express your dog's anal glands so that he stops getting abscesses. Talk to your vet about having the anal glands removed since this is becoming a problem. Rarely there can be tumors in the anal glands that block the ducts so that the anal glands don't drain properly. So talk to your vet if this continues to reoccur.

Somethings wrong,maybe you should ask your vet why they keep coming back.
Debbie O

I would use a betedine scrub, then the peroxide, this should help keep it clean, and betadine kills most bacteria - I have assisted a friend with abcesses on her cat, and we flushed the abcess with peroxide to help get the infection out, then we flushed it with betadine, and then made sure that he was on antibiotics, for 7 days to fight off the infection and to keep from him getting a secondary infection. Of course the best measure would be to see your vet, infected anal glads are being caused by something - and you certainly don't want the infection to get into his blood stream - Neosporin is a great topical that can be used on the outside of the abcess too. Hope this helps.

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