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7dpo...are vivid dreams really a symptom?

for the past few days i have been having the craziest dreams. i dreamed that obama was married to a lady at my church and that mccain made his living off of a drive through window and i had to help his wife make kool aid for it. i've been really shaky the past two days, like my handwriting and typing is affected by it. i've done backspaced so many times it ain't even funny. i have a sore throat and my nose is stuffy. i've been having cramps (dull, numb, mild, occasional sharp twinge) in my uterus since i ovulated. yeah, me and hubby got busy on ovualtion day. i've felt nauseated at a few things. especially after the election results last night, but i was also eating taco dip with doritios and the nausea stuck until i went to sleep. i really hope i am preggers and that my mind isn't playing a cruel joke on me. i prayed that God would let me be preggers this month, but also for His will to be done, cause I know it is all in His time. but the tww is tourture!!!

(sorry if you supported obama. i have no intentions of offending anyone. i just preferred mccain.)

I've been having very vivid dreams this 2ww too--and mostly about me being pregnant! So I'm hoping that all my crazy symptoms equal a BFP soon!! Only time will tell! But you are right that God will provide in the right time! Keep praying--I know I am! BABY DUST!!

Hi I dreamt I was preg with twins (a boy and a girl) then they said "no it's triplets: 3 girls" I got my BFP few days later at 9 DPO and I had an implantation dip at 6 dpo, so anything is possible!! Your symptoms sound hopefull tho!! Good luck xxx

The vivid dreams aren't really classified as a "symptom" per say, I had these last month too and it wound out that I wasn't pregnant, although many women report having crazy dreams or even nightmares in early pregnancy and also whilst TTC. I think it's more due to the fact you're subconsciously active and thinking so much about TTC, if you're anything like me anyway. It can be hard to switch off.

The sore throat and stuffiness also happen for some women when they have conceived, but is just as likely to be a cold or bad weather etc. The truth is it is nearly impossible to feel symtoms related to an early pregnancy at just 7 days past ovulation. It is more than likely that an embryo wouldn't have implanted yet or sent the signal to your brain letting your body "know" that you're pregnant. Some women implant at 6dpo, but this is quite rare. It's usually towards the tail-end of the 6-12dpo timeframe.

Stay hopeful in the meantime! It's still very early days for you! I completely feel you on how torturous the 2ww can be.

Ive read that an excess of progesterone in your body can lead to vivid dreams (after you ovulate your progesterone goes way up, and if youre pregnant it goes even higher)
Ive also had these strange vivid dreams in my 2ww but I was never pregnant or anything
I wouldnt look into symptoms too much because your mind will trick your body into having many more symptoms! Just for your hopes to be dashed once AF arrives. (Trust me Ive done this so many times its not even funny anymore)

Now I dont look into symptoms and even if I have a "symptom" I just write it off as being human, not being a pregnant human.
Good luck and baby dust to us all!!

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