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Can herpes be detected even if you dont have a breakout?

Im thinking i may have herpes, but i did not show symptoms during my pap smear. The doctor told me everything looked clear, and tests came back negative for aids and clamdya, but is there a test for Herpes? and I am wondering if you can only detect it if there is an outbreak.

You can get a blood test - but there is one shortfall that the bloodtest has. It can't tell you WHERE you have the herpes virus.

Let's say your blood test comes back positive for HSV1, for example. This is the virus that prefers to infect the mouth but can infect the genitals, and is a virus carried by 50% to 80% of the population. You'd know that you have HSV1 - but you wouldnt' know if you have it on your mouth (which is most likely) or on your genitals (which is a possibility.)

Similarly, if you came back positive for HSv2, you probably have genital herpes. But maybe you just have HSV2 orally.

The best thing to do is to wait until you have symptoms, and then get a swab of the sore. That will definitively confirm that you have herpes IN THAT SPOT. And if you choose to get a blood test, you'll want to at least make sure that you ask for one that gives you which TYPE you have, not just a + or - result.

For more info on herpes testing, I'd recommend the website below.

Good question.

there is a test that can be done for herpes. it will tell u what type of herpes u have but the location of the oubreak may be a bit of a surprise since the test doesn't tell u where the outbreak will take place. most of the time doctors like to test an outbreak but herpes can be detected by blood as well. it will be a seperate test then the one done for aids and clamidia since it is a totally different virus and not related either aids or clamidia, also herpes doesn't cause aids or clamidia. u have to ask for a seperate test to be done for herpes since it is not always included in an std test.

You can detect herpes by a blood test when there is not an outbreak. If you already suspect you have herpes you should go ahead and get tested so you don't mistakenly pass on the virus.

You must specifically ask for the test for herpes because it is NOT part of the normal std screening nor is it detected by a pap smear.

Best of luck to you.

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