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How much does it cost to have a Feline Aids & Leukemia Test done for a kitten?

How much does it cost to have a Feline Aids & Leukemia Test done for a kitten?

Hi well I live in Orlando and here at our vet it is $38 for office visit and then is $33 for the Fiv & Felv (aids & leukemia) combo test. Each vet will be different though. If you do not have a vet right now you can go to spca as well. Most of them do shots and tests at lower cost.

About 125-130 dollars if you have a stray kitten or the leukemia runs in the cats family dont get her the shot for it. Because i had a cat that had it got him the shot and it made the Leukemia worse and he had to be put down so ask your vet about shots before they are given to your kitten.

I live in somewhat of a rural area, and the prices aren't as high here...but the clinic that I work at charges $22.00 for an office call, and I think about $38.00 for the combo test.

There are low-cost clinics in my area (Atlanta) that do it for as low as $25 or $30 per cat. At my normal vet it is $60 per cat.

not much, i think under $20, but I live close to a vet school so i may have gotten a vet-med student doing it and it was discounted?

about $125.00 for those tests.I just had that done to an adult cat that i adopted from the humane Society.

When I adopted my cat from the local SPCA is was about $20-25 for the two tests total.

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