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My cat is losing weight and throwing up her food, but she is healthy otherwise...?

I got my cat over a year ago from a rescue place, and she was always a little more on the ''dopey'' side, slept more than my other cats - I then took her to my vet who discovered she had severe gingivitis and some rotten teeth - he removed a couple of her teeth, she went on antibiotics and over the past few months it was like she was a totally new and improved cat.
She has however found the love of roaming a bit more, and even tho she is locked inside at night, its like she is desperate to get out there. It has been incredibly hot lately, and she is a pig when it comes to eating anyway, she has been throwing up after food. I put a spoon in her food to make her eat slower and around it, and it seems to work, but she has lost alot of weight since I got her.
Could this be due to her roaming more, or could she have something a little more serious. Could her throwing up be caused by the heat and being a gutz or worse?
She has been tested for feline leukemia and aids, plus is very up to date with vaccinations and worming. Otherwise she is healthy, her coat is shiny and her eyes are clear, her nose is cold, ears, teeth, all healthy.
I am just starting to be a little more concerned now..
Please help, thanks!

I thought about Hyperthiroid but no other signs, such as heavy breathing and no such thing as loss in appetite - also her throwing up is more like a quick regurgitation of food, it hasnt even been digested yet. Tho it is worth having her tested for this.
She was tested for Leukemia and FIV only 3 months ago.

Normally the rule is that if they are puking every week, then they need to go to the vet to be evaluated. Having the doctor pull a little blood sample and running a full profile would probably be beneficial. Chronic vomiting in cats can be caused by a lot of things unfortunately such as pancreatic, IBD, lymphoma, foreign bodies, or food allergies to name a few. Are you only feeding a raw diet? It might be possible that she is lacking something in her diet or the raw meats arent settling well. I would just take her in and discuss it with your vet. One of my cats had chronic vomiting and ended up having IBD, another one couldnt handle the corn that was in most foods. Hope that helps!

If she's throwing up like you say, she's eating too quickly. But the weight loss is a definite concern. Check to see if her gums are lighter in color because she could be anemic if she's lost a lot of weight, but your best bet as someone else said is to get her to the vet and have them do a blood panel to see what is actually going on.

Good luck!

Have you had your cat tested for hyperthyroid conditions? Often, cats with hyperthyroid conditions will vomit more often and will lose weight. Some signs that she may have an issue such as this is heavy breathing, weight loss, and sometimes loss of appetite. Simple blood tests can confirm this. Good luck!

The losing weight is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be done. Hyperthyroid, ibs, diabetes are all common in cats but are easily treatable. If it was just throwing up or an upset stomach, I could give you some advice but you really need a full blood work done to find out what is wong Best of luck

I'd take your kitty into the vet and see what the vet has to say. seriously. even if otherwise she looks healthy to you and she was tested for problems 3 months ago. the vet is specially trained to figure out what's wrong.

at what age was she tested for feline leukemia and AIDS? if it was only in kittenhood, you need to re-test her once she is at least 6 mo old as maternal antibiodies can interfere with accurate test results.

Ohoooo, eating disorder!!!

Is she getting too skinny or is she a fat cat that's losing weight? If she's too skinny, she could be reacting to her food.

All commercial cat foods are made to satisfy OUR needs, not the needs of our cats. Most of them have corn and other carbohydrate heavy fillers that can do a lot of harm ever the long term. Your vet may not approve of it, but I suggest trying to see if she'll eat raw meat. My oldest cat used to throw up at least 3 times a week even though I took precautions to be sure that he wasn't eating too fast. Now that he's on a raw diet, the only time he ever throws up is to get rid of hairballs (happens a lot less now).

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