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Since some people are having kids in order to collect welfare should we put a limit on?

how many kids you're allow to have to correspond with your income?

I just want to know your opinion please!

Who Gets Welfare Money?

Nearly three out of every four dollars spent on welfare aid to children goes to single-parent families. Not surprising, considering over 80 percent of long-tern child poverty occurs in broken or never-married homes.

Federal and state governments spend about $200 billion annually in means-tested aid, with some $149 billion- roughly 74 percent-going to kids in one-parent families. Some of these people even have several kids in order to collect more money?

The aid includes a variety of programs such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), public housing, food stamps, Medicaid, WIC Food Program, Social Security and dozens of other programs.

The erosion of marriage and the increase in single-parent families are major causes of child poverty and welfare dependence in the United States.

But if welfare reform is not reauthorized this year, there will be no money available to promote and encourage healthy marriage. Millions of families will remain in poverty because government is not addressing its fundamental cause-- out-of-wedlock childbearing and the erosion of marriage.

Sarahmay: Is definitely a pro at collecting welfare! MEOW!!!!

If you have my kid, I promise to get a part time job.

It's not so much about the erosion of marriage as it is about the greedy and the mentally unstable-- those two qualities can be found among married people as well. There are plenty of married people who have kids they cannot pay for. If and when they start paying for their own kids, then they will have a choice, until then, the public demands sterilization of these people.

The only way to limit the number of kids someone has is through forced sterilization, forced abortions, or killing babies....

I agree that women on welfare shouldn't be popping out kids like Pez dispensers....but I more so oppose the ways in which to prohibit it. A little to Nazi-ish for my taste....

Get rid of Welfare altogether and force people to take responsibility for the decision they made in life.

I'm sick and tired of the government stealing my hard-earned money to pay for some teenage girl who can't keep her legs closed.

I would rather have an IQ test determine how many children you can have


And you don't need children to collect welfare, dummy.

im against welfare

The erosion of marriage and increase in single parent families are not major causes of poverty and welfare dependence. This is a shortsighted, misinformed view. The institution of marriage has NEVER provided the same sort of stability to impoverished people as it has among middle class people.

Welfare dependence is a result of the natural consequences of capitalism. An economic system predicated on competetion will create winners and losers. The impoverished are the "losers."

Poverty creates stress and despair. This is why poor people suffer from more stress related illnessness and why suicide (and homicide) rates are higher among poor people than middle class people. Stress and despair (especially over finances and money) are pure poison for any relationship and, statistically, more couples fight over money than anything else.

Conservatives enjoy framing this debate on poverty in terms of marriage and values, but I find it disingenuous to suggest that people who believe government should "stay out of our lives" somehow believe that government should not only become a part of our intimate relationships but also to climb into bed with us as well when we start having sex.

If you have a problem with poverty, the erosion of marriage and out of wedlock births, then you need to confront the causes of poverty: poor education for poor people, lack of economic opportunities for poor people that stems from poor access to quality education, an economic system predicated on exploitation and the alienation of a worker from his own creative potential.

Other people's marriages and who they are having sex with isn't really any of your business...or the governments.

I'm sorry, I don't believe that people have babies JUST to collect welfare.

And although I do very firmly believe that certain people shouldn't breed, government has no right to limit how many children people can have.

Make the deadbeat dads who run off and make the single parent families prevelant get a job and support their children instead! Make them man up!

I think welfare should only go to families who actually work and still aren't able to make it completely. Like, a family (note, I said family) that works hard for their money, and after paying bills, doesn't have enough for groceries, should be able to get WIC or foodstamps. It should go to people who are trying to help themselves, who contribute to society and who pay taxes (that way they are actually seeing their tax dollars benefiting them). Welfare should not go to people who just want to be lazy and pop out kid after kid after kid and sit infront of the TV watching Jerry and Maury and stuffing their faces and smoking pot. Or the people who sleep all day while their kids run around the house unsupervised. Welfare should only go to those who need it and those who are willing to help themselves.

I also think people on welfare should have to take random drug tests. That would significantly cut down the recipients. ;)

Yes, i do actually and have always thought that. If you obviously cannot afford kids and aren't mentally stable to have them, you shouldn't be allowed.Point blank. I dont care how bad it sounds. Other people are then responsible for their kids and it's not fair for the kid and the tax payers.
I also think that there should be free birth control for everyone. It's not about not spreading your legs...people have sex...its natural and it is going to happen. Some people are even ellergic to condoms,so pills are necessary but some people can't afford.

Im even talking about my own mother, she is not mentally stable and has yet to raise any of her 3 kids and is talking about wanting more. I wanna secretly tie her tubes or something.

Repeated studies show no correlation between benefit levels and women's choice to have children. (See, for example, Urban Institute Policy and Research Report, Fall/93.) States providing relatively higher benefits do not show higher birth rates among recipients.

In any case, welfare allowances are far too low to serve as any kind of "incentive": A mother on welfare can expect about $90 in additional AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) benefits if she has another child.

Furthermore, the real value of AFDC benefits, which do not rise with inflation, has fallen 37 percent during the last two decades (The Nation, 12/12/94). Birth rates among poor women have not dropped correspondingly.

The average family receiving AFDC has 1.9 children -- about the same as the national average.

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