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Does Progesterone or Estrogen cause sore nipples?

I am still a few days from being able to take a pregnancy test, but for the past 6 days or so, my nipples have been kinda sore. Not bad enough that I want to scream in the shower...but just not like normal. This month is the first month I am taking Progesterone pills to aid in implantation, so i was wondering if it was from that. I've heard though that it's ESTROGEN that causes the soreness and that actually a progesterone dose is what would make it go away. Does anyone know? Just afraid to get my hopes up about being pregnant.

Estrogen contributes to the soreness of the nipples and Progesterone relaxes your uterus and is the hormone of pregnancy.

If you've ovulated, your estrogen levels go up and you get breast enlargement, and sore nipples. The same thing happens when you take Estrogen pills.

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Good luck on being a future mama! =)

no. progesterone nor ostrogen cause sore nipples.there are diferent reasons why ur nipples cud be sore i wud advice dat u see ur doctor immediately cos i tink its an infection or reaction to sometin u are takin.

hard to say.
During my fertility treatments and progesterone shots I never had sore nipples. Nor did I have issues when I was using progesterone cream to regulate my periods.
Now sore breasts became a normal pms symptom for me after I stopped the fertility treatments.
Your body can change at any time. So its best to wait till you can take a test.

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