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What causes cats to vomit white foam?

3 out of our 5 cats began vomiting white foam, several days apart. House is cat-proof, no strings/cleaning products/plants/etc. First cat went to ER, no fever but severe gastric distress. Xray showed enlarged colon and shrunken kidneys. Put him on IV fluids, took to regular Vet who administered iodine test in stomach. Definite blockage, unknown if foriegn body/tumors or severe gastritis. 2 days later, second cat vomited white foam/smacking lips. Got to Vet (third Vet) in two hours, slight fever/normal Xray/good red and white blood counts/negative feline leukemia and AIDS but put in hospital as precaution and on IV fluids SHE WILL NOT EAT, still in hospital. Her Xray did show a hairball. Now, 24 hrs later, third cat is vomiting white foam. Three different Vets cannot tell me what is happening, I have paid $2,800 so far and cats are still sick and vomiting white foam. Please help if you can, they are indoor only.

It is one of the sure signs of distemper. It is highly contagious. Look it up on Google "Signs of Feline Distemper"

Sorry to hear that

I have seen cats do the same thing from drinking antifreeze. Plus, it tastes sweet so they are attracted to it.

I know they're not outdoor cats, but something very similar happened to my family pets. Have them tested for a variety of different poisons and is no coincidence that they are all getting sick at the same time. We had a neighbour that hated cats and put out poison meat. They vomited white foam as well. If there is mold or any houshold cleaner you are using (stop now) carpet cleaner...anything that could be toxic...check the food you were feeding them, did something spill on it...? It has to be a toxin or poison somehwere in your house that they all had access to. Do some CSI investigating!

If they won't eat the white foam is just stomach fluids there isn't anything in the stomach to throw up. My cat will eat grass when his stomach is upset and throw it up with with white foam. Get some pet insurance especially with that many cats! Did they just get shots? I just got news about a friends pet who died after about 6 months of illness, and it seems that cats can get overdosed on vaccinations and get sick like that. Did they just get new food? Could it be tainted? Could they have gotten some of that toxic food out there. Rack your brain for anything new going in the house on before this happened.There has to be some kind of common denominator that is causing what's going on. If they are all inside they may have gotten into something that you may have over looked. Cats are attracted to mentholated products as well, are their any meds that may have spilled some where, Vicks, muscle rubs,etc. , tylenol, anything!
Definitely check out the distemper symptoms. Check out Feline Holistic Health site. They have countless natural remedies. Good luck too you. I hope you get some answers and help for them soon. Educate those dam* vets when you find out too!

My first thought was poisoning. The owner of the park we lived in hated cats and was known to poison them. One day my cat began vomiting the white foam, wouldn't eat, would only drink a lap or two if you set his face at the bowl (and only on the first two days), would only walk slowly for a few feet and then stay in a crouched position for hours not doing anything. He wouldn't make a sound either, and he had been a very vocal cat. After five days we couldn't bear to let him suffer anymore and put him down. Your cats being indoor cats, I'm wondering how they would become exposed to distemper, even though the vomit is a symptom of that. I also think they've ingested something poisonous somehow. I feel for you - how awful! I hope you can find out what's going on before it's too late. Get down to cat level and roam the house looking. Good luck.

Vomiting white foam is extreme nausea and since you are having so many of your cats show the same symptoms, I will suspect something in the house.

Have you changed their food to a new brand or new formula? If it is dry, is it a new bag? (Check the expiration date if there is one).

Are you using a new cleaning chemical? The cleaning solution that comes with the automatic mops is toxic, too. Have you recently shampooed carpets?

Have you applied any flea product or a dewormer medication recently?

Please keep us posted on your furbabies.

Purrs and prayers for you and the kitties.

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