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Can you get aids by having sex while on your period.?

My boyfriend and I was having sex and when we finish I was on my period and now he's worrying about if he got aids because it was on him. Now we both got tested like a month ago and our test was negative but he said his mom told him if you get blood on you while having sex you can get aids....Now can someone tell if that's true or not.....

it is not true, the fact that people still believe things like that is still amazing to me. AIDS can not just come from any where. if you had aids regardless of your period if you and boyfriend where having unprotected sex he will contract it. but if you where both clean before sex regardless of what fluids were exchange you will be clean afterwards. AIDS can not develop were there is no virus.

I don't think you can get aids unless your partner has it.Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.

The only way that would be true is if one of your were already infected. You must have sex with someone who is infected. Of be contaminated by someone with HIV.

Only if one of you already has it.

You cant get aids if you didnt have aids........

Yes Yes Yes If one of you is infected with HIV. Use protection but don't have sex with an infected partner ever.

Hiv is caused by an infected person transmittes it by blood,sliva bodyly fluids, Sex does transmit hiv, Aids is what hiv turns into, The best way to prevent stds of any kind is use a condom. And you can also get pregnant while on your peorid.

Aids can be "shared" anytime bodily fluids are shared. If you don't have HIV or Aids and neither does he, unless you are both having multiple sex partners its unlikely you will get aids from having had sex when on your period. That is not to say that other sexually transmitted diseases could not be passed at this time.

Ok...just because blood gets on your body doesn't mean their is HIV/AIDS in it. Now, if you and your boyfriend have only had sex with each other and no one else, then you more than likely do not have HIV/AIDS(if you do needle drugs and share needles, then you can get it that way). You can only get HIV/AIDS if your partner has it! But, here's the takes a minimum of 6 months for the HIV virus to show up in lab tests. SO, in retrospect, if you have only had sex with your boyfriend, and he has only had sex with you, then I would stop worrying. AIDS is transmitted through body fluids (blood, semen etc.) from an infected partner, but like i and your boyfriend have nothing to worry about if you and him have only been with each other and no one else!

You can get AIDS if you have unprotected sex at anytime with an HIV positive person. You can get AIDS by getting some bodily fluids such as blood from such a person into your body. If they are not HIV positive you cannot get AIDS from them by having sex, period or no period.

WAKE UP!!! you can get AIDS no matter what, period or not. The vagina has very delicate skin and you are the one at most risk, any tear in the lining puts you in danger if your partner has it. If it scares you this much use CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Technically you don't get AIDS, but rather HIV through sex. That said, you can only get HIV through sexual contact if your partner has HIV. Whether or not you're on your period is largely irrelevant to the spread of HIV, although the extra fluid could slightly increase the chances of transmission _if one of you has it_. If neither one of you current has HIV you can NOT get HIV or AIDS by having sex with each other. HIV is a virus, and if you don't have it you can't give it to anyone else.

do u have hiv infection?
does your boy friend have it?
if one of u has had it prior to the intercourse, the other one could have gotten the infection
even if u have it now, it will tyake anything like 10-15 years for it to kill u
go hav a beer n sleep

yes you can if your lover haves aids so get test it if you thank you can have aids wish you good and i pray for you and any time you need to talk to some one just e-mail me at AM all ways can talk

you cant just create HIV or AIDS virus. One of the people has to have it in order to get it.

i hope u do know that u have to go get tested again in 5 months you should go every 6 months unless u r faithfull to eachother.(hint if u are not move on the relationship is not worth your health and therefore your life don't play around anymore)do you know if he is faithfull sounds like he is unsure or VERY VERY uneducated in this field and so is his mom she should come here and hear what these people has to say we have alot of information in this blood on the penis without HIV/AIDS = blood on the penis. Blood on the penis with HIV/AIDS=blood on the penis and infection. ok everything depends on whether u have the disease before. blood alone cannot give u aids if u do not have it. PLEASE TELL HIS MOM!!!(i wonder about her)and honey there are information on the net so instead of asking us and not being sure just type in STD's STI's and u will get u info.RESEARCH and CAUTION is what we need!!

You can if you have it

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