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Do they test your blood when you donate?

Do they test you blood for HIVs, AIDs, and STDs when you donate blood? And if so would they call you to tell you. My bf wants me to get tested but I'm wondering since I haven't heard anything about my blood from the center I donated at I don't think I have any.

It's not that I think I have STDs I'm just wondering if they test for it.

Yes. That is why they take 4 different viles after the pack is full. The use the tubes of blood for the testing, which inclues things like STD's/HIV and other harmful diseases/bacteria that could be in your blood.

when you donate they test for all sorts of things. they need to make sure they can use the blood. if they find something serious such as hiv they will contact you.

Yes, they do for HIV. But it sounds like you suspect you have an STD. It is irresponsible to donate blood when you think you have a disease.

Why not just go to a public health clinic and get a full exam.
If you have no STDs then it will be a relief and if you do, even HIV, you can get treatment that could save your life and keep you from spreading disease.

yes when u go into give blood they check everything. even ur height and weight. It is all very important. Also foor blood type because certain blood types can no mix with other blood types. it sounds to me like you think that you might have possible STD. Its alwasy good to get checked anyways. you may not want to hear the results but its best for you in the long run. They should tell u the day you were looking to get your blood donated. good for you for stepping up and possibly saving anotherrs life. :)

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