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In an emergency room visit u get a blood pregnancy test its positive u are then tested 4 aids and hiv right?

i would think so because not only do you need to know if your really pregnant but do you have any Diseases thus far that can complicate your pregnancy?

I don't believe they run an aids test unless you're notified of it first.

you have to sign a consent for the test, other wise you will have one at you ob/gyn

You must give your consent for them to do the HIV test.

Nope, not unless you are high risk will anyone test for HIV the virus that causes Aids. You have to request that from your doctor or your clinic and they will ask you why you want to be tested, oddly enough. My dr. office only charges 60 bucks for the test and no my ins. wouldn't cover it. But I have peace of mind, not that I'm high risk or anything. But you just never know who's done who and then did you, even if you've only had one partner.

The emergency room is NO PLACE for prenatal care, so probably not. No testing can happen without your consent, and if you were not given the results it probably wasn't done. The ER doesn't do follow up care, if a test result comes back after you are gone it goes in a file and is *probably* never looked at. You would most likely be referred to a free clinic (or state medical aid for pregnant women program) for prenatal care and testing --at least that is my understanding of the US medical system, I luckily do not live in such a barbaric country that does provide basic health care for its citizens.

You need to sign a separate consent form to be tested for HIV. Most OBs ask if you have been tested or would like a test at your first visit. Otherwise you can ask for it as well. It's not part of testing for pregnancy and alot of women turn it down anyhow.

The ER probably wouldn't do it, but your OB will order a full prenatal panel. It tests for tons of things, including HIV. Other things like the Hep family, other STD's, blood glucose, iron levels, HGC level and even some more things. Yes, you do have to sign a consent to have your insurance billed or to pay out of pocket for your HIV portion of the test. They usually take like 3-4 tubes of blood and give you some juice and make you sit for a couple minutes after. Hope that all helps!! I have been through the whole routine twice now!

Not all states check for those things. My doc adds those to the first blood work series at your first appointment.

my OB checks for those at my request. I have had more partners than just my fiance, so i get tested every 6 months for HIV regardless of pregnancy, its just a good idea to do so, for everyone.

no they will not check you for hiv or aids. You will have to schedule an appt. with your ob/gyn and that doctor will run those tests along with a handful of other tests to check for std's.

no you have to ask to be tested for any s.t.d. they have to ask for a consent form have you fill it out .it would be a violation of your privacy if they didn't get your consent and form filled out

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