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How often does prison rape occur and do correctional officers really condone it?

I read varying reports, and had once asked the question of how an correctional officer can be a Christian and condone this sort of behavior

Many are in prison for non-violent offenses, and do not deserve to be tortured or treated inhumanely to the point of being scarred for life. Getting AIDs, being mentally hurt.

I also ask the question because statistics say that men who come out of prisons are helping to spread AIDs among the general public because their women do not realize their activities in prison etc.

So does it really occur often, and how can correctional officers condone such behavior? Do they really call themselves Christians or good men and allow this to happen?

Do correctional officers really believe that people deserve this kind of treatment just because they ended up in prison, even for non-violent offenses?

I know that many of the boys I work with have been raped while in juvenile jail because they have told me and other people I work with that they have been. I also know that some of the boys I work with are rapists as well.
I work in a locked residential treatment center for juveniles.
I do not believe any correctional officers condone it - but they can't be everywhere on the ward at the same time, they try to stop fights and everything from happening, but the truth is there are not enough eyes to do this. If they are busy stopping a fight, perps will use that "opportunity" to do things while they are busy.

Not as often as TV and Hollywood would have you believe. And, no, correctional officers do not condone brutal, assaultive behavior among inmates. That's why there are jails inside the jails.

correctional officers don't condone rape. Most sexual activity is consensual and not openly displayed as there are rules against such behavior. With that said , we sometimes hear that pedophiles and rapists from the street are raped in prison which privately doesn't bother me very much.

The lowest number I have seen is 1 in 10 men in prison are raped and 1 in 4 women. I suspect the statistics are unreliably low for men since many men are reluctant to report rape. Further, some heterosexual men report themselves as gay to be segregated from the general population and many become sexual companions to stronger inmates for protection.
As to the second part of your question, the director of my local detention center is a deacon in the Catholic Church and rape is not condoned. Rape is aggressively prosecuted in my county when reported to the guards. Many are not reported, however. The idea that rape is condoned by the guards is, to some extent, reinforced by inaccurate television programs. I represent the detention center as an attorney and rape is never condoned. Failure to report a rape is punished and sexually vulnerable inmates are identified and protected.

I have heard if you stay strong and don't back down to people you shouldn't have a problem. Unless you are small and purty. ::shudders::

Don't pick up the pack of smokes left on your bed!

People watch way to much TV. There is very little true rape. Most sex is consensual. Considering the population in jails (all criminals) one would expect the level of all crimes, like rape, to be significantly higher than the general outside population. I am sure there are bad prison guards that condone that stuff or look the other way, but so what? These aren't angels or decent people we are talking about. They are people who victimized others themselves. When you commit a crime, you accept everything that goes along with it and unfortunately that includes going to prisons, which are not nice places and are not filled with nice people.If prisons where nice and fun, people would be lining up to be sent there...Oh wait..they are! Bottom line, if a person does not like the threat of rape in prison, no matter how low that threat may be, they shouldn't do things that put themselves there! That is why I chose not to rob banks and deal drugs.

There was a period in history where correctional officers turned a blind eye to the things that happened in prison. Ever since the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) came on the books, it is the duty of the guards to keep it from happening. All correctional organizations are required to have a team of people to handle any possible rape situations, and get help to the victim. It is absolutely not condoned, in any shape or form. Standard correctional mentality states that the inmates are already being punished, thats why they are in prison, they don't need any further hardships.

However, there is a fair amount of sexual activity (consensual), but most prisons have strict punishments for this as well.

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