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Heard of Meniere's disease ear vertigo dizzy? Scores on Newport Dr. Carol Jackson are high --been there?

My relative's got bad Meniere inner ear disease, Orange County. What's best, drugs or surgery, hearing aids or balance treatment? There's some herbs and devices out there and lots of opinions! Hoag Hospital has a high reputation. Any direct experience?

Meniere's disease has 3 main symptoms-
1. giddiness
2. tinnitus-ie whistling sound in ear.
3. deafness

main treatment is medicine.
surgery is done only in those cases where despite medicine, giddiness persists.
after surgery, the ear becomes deaf & usually tinnitus persists.
giddiness is relieved after op.
avoid salt intake.

Dr. Carol Jackson and her team is getting on top of the Meniere's. I feel so bad seeing my aunt suffer. It's manageable but not exactly curable but now we have a plan and hope. Ear and Balance Clinic is numero uno! Report It

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