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Don't you think that $22,000,000,000 is a bit much to spend on Aids Research and Treatment?

Don't you think that these huge amounts are being lavished on Aids because it's the latest "Fad" or "Must-have" accessory?
Surely, there are more worthwhile causes

Hi Why Me
If you want to protect your family tell them NOT to do what you told me to do !
SIMPLE ! Like I said: why's it cost $22,000,000,000?

How Much Is that In 拢's Sterling? If it was 拢22,000,000,000 then that is a lot of money. That would be about $44,000,000,000 I think. Still If you think that people got aid on purpose then you are a sad person. Let's hope they find a cure soon so that the aids various is killed once and for good. Even If only for the memory of a much missed Freddie Mercury.

they dont actually spend it all on research. about 80-90% is wages. lol

As opposed to what? Funding a war to kill more people over someone's lack of honesty?

Aids research will do more than help prevent aids or cure it.

There have been a few spin off treatments that have helped organ transplant recipients to name a few options off of the top of my head.

When just as many people die as the amount of money you just listed I think it is a fair enough price. A million lives is worth WAY more thatn 22,000,000,000 dollars.

No, I don't think it is enough. After over 25 years, this virus continues to infect the human population across the globe at alarming rates killing millions.

Until we are able to find a cure, more affordable treatments, and better prevention strategies, we must be willing to invest as much as we can into stopping this virus.

no, compared to how much big companies are worth (eg cocacola), 拢22,000,000,000 isn't much

No, I think they should increase spending. A cure or vaccine for AIDS has greater implications than just saving lives. It allows people to be less scared over having sex, and reduces anxiety greatly over whether or not those test results will come back positive or negative.

AIDS for a start is not a plague caused by the wrath of god. It is a preventable and treatable condition. In some 3rd World countries it is spread by ignorance and prejudice about wearing condoms. Being HIV+ is a manageable condition provided the victims get adequate nutrition for the anti-retro-viral drugs to work.22B$ would be a small price to pay to help the suffering in these countries, let alone the cost of contagion should it become more widespread here.

Gee, never thought of living or saving lifes as a "fad" or an "accessory". I don't think that people who have AIDS nor do the families of these people feel that it's is a bit too much money being spent. The government has spent more money out for a war that has "killed healthy" individuals, and makes less sense than the research they are doing on AIDS and HIV. So It really depends on where your priorities are..

AIDS is the latest "Fad" or "Must-have accessory?

A person would have to be an ignorant prick to think like that.

"lavished on Aids", my, oh my.

It's way too much money!! They should put that money into school systems or hospitals or fix up roads etc. Stop giving so much money to other countries and start fixing up your own country.

If those people didn't want aids, how about stop having sex with eachother or USE A CONDOM.

FACT HIV does not lead to aids, more people die who take the prescription drugs when they are diagnosed with HIV than those who don't. HIV is a virus and will work its way out. Take the medication of poison then its all down hill - aids then death. You wont find this information in the mainstream media, they don't want you well, there is no money to be made in it.

Thousands of specialists, billions of funding and charity contributions since 1984 ,28 years of research and....... they haven't found a cure, surprise surprise. Apparently they managed to put three stooges on the moon and get them back safely in the 60's yet yet nearly 50 years later and 28 years of research, endless pit of money being thrown at them and no where nearer to finding a cure... come on how can people believe all that spin?

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